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Shapewear’s elasticity offers a subtle compression, and it also encourages you to stand straight along with a firmer back. The support also helps to relieve discomfort, especially in the lumbar and lower back areas. This improves walking and sitting, as well as reducing back pain, especially for individuals who sit for long periods of time. Waist trainer for women are quite popular nowadays.

1. CoreSculpt™ Extra Pop Ultra Body Shaper

Let’s take a look at your very own, to-die-for Marilyn Monroe-esque hourglass form. Your hips should be smoothed out, and your waist should be highlighted.

The built-in waistband features a soft silicone insert that offers more control and firmness to your tummy.


  • Adaptable
  •  Rubber sides adapt to your thighs and cinch you up for a personalised fit
  •  Removable shoulder strap
  • Open crotch for simple bathroom breaks
  •  Fully breathable with a moisture-wicking fabric inner layer
  •  Three fabric layers around the abdomen assist to cover the irregularities in the belly area There will be no painful pinching around your waist or ribs, and there will be no irritation.
  •  The silicone gives extra grip and keeps the band from rolling or curling during the day, preventing bulging through garments or slipping down.

2.CoreSculpt™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter

Want to look and feel your best in a matter of seconds? The CoreSculptTM Strong Belly Compression Bodysuit Shaper Butt Lifter is constructed with firm compression fabric to sculpt your body along with your back and is one of the best shapewear for women. It will also be able to sculpt your waist, tummy and your thighs very comfortably and effectively. And they stay in place all day, no matter how much you dance, run, or shake!


  • Produces a clean and seamless appearance with no lines
  • Three layers of abdominal compression increase tummy control
  • Butt lifter design, minimal padding
  • Daily-use-friendly design — zipper crotch makes going to the restroom easier
  • Curling is prevented by two sides of plastic bones and anti-rolling silicone strips on the edge.
  •  Keep the muscles tight; sculpt and lift the backside for a shapely appearance • No rolling and no thigh impressions

3. CoreSculpt™ Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer Pads Shapewear


Take a closer look at our booty elevating marvel with a high waist. With naturally rounded buttocks, add a little sugar and spice.

The removable foam cushions will make your booty pop while remaining completely undetectable, flattening the waist and smoothing the love handles. You can also consider buying a waist and thigh trainer plus size to sculpt your body.


  • Instant juicy peach-emoji booty effect
  • Slender silhouette with no hip dips They’ll be structured and rounded up by the padding magic.
  • Natural look thanks to invisible foam pads strategically placed • Perfect peach shape thanks to attractive design
  • No hard sweat exercises or invasive surgery are required for hip dips correction
  • Natural look thanks to invisible foam pads strategically placed
  •  No hard sweat exercises or invasive surgery are required for hip dips correction. For expensive evening gowns or wedding gowns, where everything must be absolutely right, go for an elegant appearance.

Women who have recently given birth adore plus size shapewear because it allows them to return to their pre-pregnancy clothes sooner and helps to recover abdominal muscles. Long-term use of shapewear strengthens the abdominal muscles, allowing the internal organs to return to their natural place. You will be astounded by the waist trainer before and after results.


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