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Basic Rules for Matching Accessories

For an impeccable look, it is very important to know how to correctly match shoes and accessories of various kinds to clothes. In fact, it takes very little to ruin a beautiful outfit with the wrong shoes, bags, scarves, and jewels. All the value they deserve must be attributed to accessories: do not underestimate their importance and above all do not choose them at random! If selected wisely, in fact, the accessories give character and style, make a beautiful dress stand out, and differentiate a day look from an evening one. Let’s see how to avoid making big mistakes when choosing accessories!

General rules for combining accessories with clothes

A very important general rule in terms of combinations of accessories is this: with a very sober outfit, with dull and neutral colors (or colors), you can (indeed, you must) focus on accessories that are a little colorful, lively and gaudy. This is to avoid a too neutral and anonymous look. So yes to colored shoes, special bags, belts, or a beautiful necklace.

The same general rule also applies on the contrary: if the clothing is already very colorful and showy (dresses with flowers or patterns, brightly colored sweaters, striped or colored balls) it is useless to further overload the look with accessories that stand out. Better to opt for simple and solid-colored bags, scarves, and shoes. And it is preferable to minimize the jewelry.

As for the colors, if it is true that a single-color look is very monotonous and dulls the figure, it is also true that we must not exaggerate. Don’t mix too many different colors. Choose only two main colors and focus on their shades, in order to avoid mixing two different shades and obtain a carnival effect.

Bags and shoes

Many women believe that it is necessary to always choose bags and shoes of the same color. In fact, you may very well not stick to this old-style rule, without compromising the quality of the look at all. This does not mean that shoes and bags can be of two completely different colors that do not even go well together: however, it is permissible to combine different shades, but in harmony with the rest of the look. For example, you can play on the details: choosing shoes of the same color as the studs of the bag or that recall the color of the bag in other details.

And the size of the bag? During the day you can’t go wrong choosing the very practical shopping bags, very large and comfortable bags to take to work (and absolutely forbidden for the evening).

In the evening, opt for smaller and more elegant handbags, choosing the color according to that of the dress. The most eye-catching evening mini clutches, match them only with single-colored dresses.

Hats and scarves

In winter, do not underestimate the importance of hats and scarves: if you have a dark and solid-colored coat, they are practically mandatory accessories (beyond their protective function from the cold): choose them in bright colors. Hats and scarves do not necessarily have to be the same color: for them, the same goes for shoes and bags. Similar shades or colors that are recalled in the details will therefore be fine.


The jewels must be chosen and “measured” with particular attention. To avoid being flashy, forget about the complete set of bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces.

The jewels are welcome only if they complete the look in an elegant way, without overloading it, and only if they fit the outfit. A few examples: with a dress or a sweater with a wide neckline, a long double-looped or knotted necklace looks very good; with a sober outfit, on the other hand, wear large, original, and colorful earrings or an extravagant necklace.

With colorful clothes and bright colors, it is better not to overdo it: choose only a pair of inconspicuous earrings or a bracelet or, if you have manicured hands, a nice ring.


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