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Rossi Huntington Whiteley in Miami filming a series of Sexy Swimwear bikinis when shining the main cleavage…… ushered in the first six months after the child

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She has recently rebuilt her image after her first child with her longtime companion, Jason Statham, six months ago.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley proved that she was back, better story behind her sizzling share Instagram Wednesday.

30 – year – old beauty stickers are combined with sexy short films and pictures, which depict stylish swimwear manufacturer swimsuit array modeling.

The first clip saw Rosie wandering in the white coast of Miami into a black bikini, and she was dressed in a close – shore wave cascading on her face.

Mad Max: the angry Road Star protects himself on a beautiful straw umbrella.

Second clip in a tropical belt two shows a cool stroll in the same sand mother, retro tone.

After adding, Rosie third saw her reveal her serious split into her hair and make-up, where her blonde style was the avant-garde knot.

Later her slim body was exposed to the bikini in all its glory, and fashion most liked to lie on what seemed to be a desolate beach on the sun chair.

Play to the camera, Rosie temptation fingers wet hair, she made a smart black suit.

Martha’s underwear model and designer Rosie has been dating the action star Jason fianc for seven years, but they haven’t engaged after their engagement. January 2016.

As a new mother did not slow down the Secret Angel of the former Vitoria for her landing in Forbes’s annual best model in the November payment list fifth place, in a short 12 months to achieve an astonishing 9 million 500 thousand yuan income.

Despite her growing success, the star previously said she was very heavy on her in Losangeles because she missed her family.

In November 2016 this year, Devon in the “bazaar” swimwear manufacturer magazine, the local people said: “the biggest drawback is that my family can not reach.

I would like to invite them to come to a roast dinner, or to say to my brothers and sisters, “why don’t you come and drink a cup of wine tonight?” But I can’t, it weighs heavily on me.

She introduced the baby Jack world through her Instagram feed in December. She appeared on her toes with a simple snapshot of freshmen and captions: “happy holiday” and a wave of farewell.


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