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Sydney blue and White Retro video commercial Tunchi host swimwear company in Newcastle


A Sydney swimwear company released a series of video advertising in the summer of 2018 is the Lambton shooting pool.

Camp Bay swimming is operated by Katherine Hampton, a student of the former Saint – sanctuary ten and St. Francis Xavier.

She issued the trademark in 2013, and the first batch of the company was released in October.

With the filming director Karl Warwick Pearson, also Newcastle, they decided to shoot after a nice memory in the area recalling the location of the area.

“Carle and I used to position is a familiar person we have lived in new Lambton region,” Hampton said.

“The school that grew up to Newcastle gave me nostalgia and swimming with the school, swimming Carnival and hot memories.

“The dive board has such a unique, antique appearance that Carle and I know it will be filmed with fine 16mm film.”

Ms. Hampton started the brand, hoping to achieve “responsible, high-quality swimsuits and retro styling” in the market, and firmly believe they must be women and pursue similar styles with her.

The Australian design and production, the swimsuit with the retro theme and the company’s advertising video are all similar to this day.

Ms. Hampton said, “in all our images, we are trying to break the stereotype of traditional swimsuits, which is fascinating and static, such as a tall and slim model next to the swimming pool.”

“On the contrary, we play with the natural beauty of the woman instead of it, and take the initiative to express ourselves in our cossies.

“Diving boards are usually instilled to most women in fear of losing their swimsuit in the dive process!

“But our goal is to prove that our swimsuit is a swimming, diving, surfing and water slide, not just the charm of the swimming pool.”

The camera crew managed to avoid the summer crowd in September last year.

There were 80 days to start from the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, but only 22 times until the Queen’s baton arrived in the town.

On Saturday, February 3rd, the relay race will pass through the city of Newcastle.

The 13 year old Jye Dinsdale cave beaches along the coast of Newcastle.

Jay has Asperger syndrome and auditory processing disorder, but the performing arts students hunter school is a true champion hunter.

In his father’s best friend was diagnosed with brain cancer, Jay personally organized in his previous school Patrick primary school in Swansea football charity match.

On this day, they raised more than $600 – but not good young newcomer.

As a result, he organized a fundraising event at the Cave Beach Hotel last year, where the Hughes foundation raised $22000.

“He was watching it every day by his uniform,” said John Dinsdale, the father of Jye. “But he is not allowed to put it on that day.”

“He started running at 8.30 in the morning, starting from the customs in front of the wharf and going to the museum.”

“Since the relay began, he has been watching it; all the countries are there, and now he’s back to Gold Coast, he told us.

“He even found a map on the wall of his bedroom.”

Jay was recently nominated as a Fred prize and won the empty achievements of the runner up.

Other relay torch players participate in hunters, including wheelchair athletes Christie Dawes, swimmer Maddi Elliott, Jade Wheatley and former girlfriend Knight Alex McKinnon surfer.


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