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Students set up Britain’s first African Print swimwear range from her university dig and her first episode has sold thanks to the XL model for full grown women

A student has set up Britain’s first African Print Bikini Line at the student living room of Loughborough University, and her debut has been sold out.

Jessica Bema Asare, 19, born in Milton Keynes, came to Garner at the age of seven and returned to Britain for 2015 research, computing and management.


She took advantage of a scholarship from the university to lead her studies in her first year. She decided to start a company and combine her love and promotion of fashion from Africa to Britain and print from different parts of the world.

Moving to Garner to attend a very close African middle school let me appreciate my culture and my Garner’s name, Bema, she told the woman.

Most Garner and Africans only wear their cultural mark on special occasions. I want to make a dress from private label swimwear manufacturers, we can wear our fingerprints as casually as possible, and when we lie on the beach, the Bikinis nightclub seems to be a perfect idea.”

When she didn’t stay up all night coding the code or running her department, Jessica spent her second years designing and printing the first British tour to prove the African swimsuit line.

Her first stock, which included the size of the special female, sold out in the first week, and she let the post office run two times a day to make sure she kept her clients.

Jessica’s dream is to encourage young women, especially colored women, to enter the business world, and not to fear embracing and promoting their culture.

Jessica’s Bikinis nightclub is Kent’s print design, the traditional Garner fabric print, and its history dates back to nineteenth Century when it was wearing royalty.

Jessica has always loved fashion and is influenced by her mother.

“Growing up, my mom is very fashionable,” she recalls.” She took me to the fashion show, and sometimes made custom dresses for me, and I made sketches for my mother’s clothes, which inspired my interest in private label swimwear manufacturers design.

Aside from her childhood sketches, Jessica had no other design experience, but once she decided to build her own brand, she learned quickly.

“The first step is conception and sketch design,” she said.” My first very simple triangle of the Bikinis nightclub, because I’m afraid it might be harder to make more complex designs.

“My last two designs, I put more care and thought into it after I found out what a manufacturer could trust.”.

“I saw the Bikinis nightclub, Africa print before, but all in batik cloth, not waterproof.”. This makes me feel uncomfortable because the color of the wax print fades when it comes in contact with water. It also encourages me to do Bikinis clubs for the purpose.”

In addition to her research and business, Jessica also plans to chair the Department of computer science at the Loughborough University

“My second years are busy,” she revealed. I didn’t go out to socialize as much as I did in my first year in college, and I was more selective about the events that I took part in.

“Sometimes I find myself spending too much time in the Republic, not enough for my studies, so I put it aside for a few months, and I can get good grades in the exam.”.”

Jessica has assured her that the range caters to women’s curving digital sizes to an extra large, and you won’t always find them on the street.

“It’s important for me because I want my product to be worn by people of all shapes and sizes, as well as people from all over the world,” she explains.”.

I especially want African women to be proud to wear my designs because they are all ours.

“Many African and black female curves and no style to fit their body type will defeat the purpose of the African image, and I try to promote it.”

The ambitious student is preparing for her third year at the University, hoping to expand her reach and eventually have one of the world’s largest African beauty and fashion private label swimwear manufacturers brands.


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