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China’s “transformation” did not shout

Unlike crossing the border, Hongkong has shifted from a manufacturing shift to a service center

“Over the past ten years, this huge surge in China’s economy, as well as Hongkong’s economic failure to travel with the sector’s extraordinary gains. By missing this window, Hongkong missed an opportunity for economic transformation…”

I usually don’t bother much about this kind of China Hongkong swimwear manufacturer China, but it insists and fools some people to think it may be true. Let’s fix things up.

As shown in the past 30 years, Hongkong has made a great economic transition from manufacturing to service center.

To avoid doubt, I travel apart from these digital Internet service trades. “I have only those industries,” Mr. Tao said. “We don’t have any benefit.” Some failures.

The mainland has never made such a change. The success of the high tech, you hear so much exaggeration most unusual. The vast majority of the continent’s economic production has always been based on low levels of hard labour.

This includes digital devices, by the way. They are high-tech in design, but low in assembly, which is the most important practice in the mainland and also one of the reasons for the rapid rise of other countries in the world.

We have an intellectual property royalty of $27 billion a year.

We do not have about 150 million of the swimwear manufacturer China developers in Hongkong, with our own people with negligible salaries and poor living conditions, because they don’t have official registration for the places where they work.

So we don’t have any children in the whole village, and their parents give up their work.

When you hear it saying that the mainland is running ahead of us, remember that our economy is $44800 per capita. The equivalent in the mainland is $8300.

Yes, they have been on the long road for the past 30 years. So do we. Over the past five years, our gross domestic product has increased by about $460 per year. For the mainland, it’s $115.

They don’t add up across the border, of course. They tend to express themselves in a way of growth because they start from a lower base and thus get a higher percentage change. But would you be more rich, $460 or $115?

When you use consumption to measure, the gap is even greater. For everyone to talk about how consumption is the next thing in the mainland, in Hongkong, about $30000 per year per household spending is 10 times across the border equivalent.

It’s getting faster and faster. In the U. S. dollar, the mainland’s quarterly report actually had a downward trend. It’s kind of awkward. Let’s talk about something else.

In fact, University of Hong Kong has just been named the “4 world”, because of its high research standards, Hongkong swimwear manufacturer China researchers contributed key design elements, breaking the gravity wave discovery equipment?.

We are rated as the world’s freest economy, our brilliant financial position, and Beijing’s debt record. Hundreds of other towns have come to the fore.


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