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Suggestions for Wearing Long Skirts in Early Autumn

For those who really love skirts, there are short skirts in summer and long skirts in autumn. Especially in the current season of summer and autumn, changing to a long skirt with fashionable styles and thin fabrics can not only help you create an elegant and beautiful shape, but also bring yourself a refreshing and comfortable wearing experience, so It’s hard not to love.

For example, this temperamental lady walking on the urban streets, she chose a mix of half-length skirts. The skirt is designed with a white background and a black brush print color scheme, which is artistic and individual.

From the perspective of style design, the soft fabric and the loose version make the whole skirt a light and comfortable wearing experience. Coupled with the addition of the side slit detail design, the whole skirt shows a somewhat elegant beauty.

Looking at the top part, this lady chose to match an elegant long-sleeved shirt. The white style is fresh, concise and temperamental. The tie ribbon design on the neckline easily enhances the fashion sense of the whole dress, making it Can stay away from formal and rigid style. In addition, the young lady also chose to tuck the hem of the top into the skirt, which makes the waist line and body proportions intuitively displayed.

In addition to dressing, the young lady also wore a pair of simple and elegant khaki pointed high heels to modify her figure and temperament. In addition, she also chose to casually drape her own micro-curly hair. Makes the whole look show a bit of elegance and confidence without losing the beauty of chic.

This lady is also wearing a long skirt, but the difference from the former is that this young lady chooses a sling dress, which can free herself from the trouble of matching and wear it comfortably and worry-free.

From the perspective of the skirt design, this long skirt looks loose, but in fact it still adds a slim waist design inside, which makes the whole figure show a sense of curve. From the perspective of wearing experience, this long skirt has the effect of both self-cultivation and comfort. Coupled with the sapphire blue color, it is even more advanced and temperamental.

Let’s look at the fabrics selected for this skirt. The soft silk satin fabric not only has a good drape, and can make the whole look elegant. At the same time, it is not easy to produce wrinkles, so that the whole shape can show a smooth sense of lines.

In addition to this long dress with suspenders, the young lady also wore a pair of fruit-green thick-heeled sandals and slippers to modify her figure, adding a fresh touch to the whole look. Coupled with a long hair that is slightly curled, the whole shape also shows an elegant and casual beauty without losing the laziness.


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