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Dress + Sports Shoes = The Most Popular Match in Early Autumn

In summer, people often wear dresses with sandals and high heels, but in autumn, dresses match with various styles of sports shoes. When the dress is matched with sports shoes, the whole outfit can not only balance the cool temperament just right, but also always give people a comfortable and fashionable feeling. With such a fashionable and versatile outfit, are you sure not to try it this fall? Let me take a look at how to match dresses and sneakers to make your whole outfit more fashionable.

Outfit 1: Plaid dress + sports shoes

Speaking of checkered dress, it is really suitable for the autumn season, because this element seems to be tailor-made for autumn, wearing it on your body, you can instantly make your whole outfit become fashionable quite a lot, but also without losing a sense of retro elegance and romance. For girls who are trying checkered dresses for the first time, you can start with the classic black and white checkered dresses. This style of checkered dresses are more versatile in everyday life, not picking at all, everyone can be very good Use it with a pair of white shoes to make you wear it easily and fashionable, and it also gives people a cute feeling.

And a dress with light green checkered elements will look more eye-catching when worn in autumn. Use it with a straw hat and step on a pair of sneakers. The overall style is not only full of pastoral temperament, but also a sense of leisure. If you feel that wearing basic sports shoes in the early autumn season will still be a little stuffy, then it is better to choose a pair of sports style sandals. This kind of matching can make the outfit look sweet in an instant.

Outfit 2: Floral dress + sports shoes

In the fall, how come you get a floral dress? This style of dress has a romantic feeling. When you think the floral dress is too fancy, then just match it with a pair of white shoes, because to a certain extent, it can make the floral dress simple and make the whole outfit more daily.

In the choice of floral skirts, I don’t recommend that you choose dark styles, or styles with too dense patterns, because this style is really easy to look old and rustic if it is not worn well. If you have to wear a dark floral dress, I recommend that you choose a style with a less concentrated pattern density. Compared with the dark floral dress, it should be visually more lively. Use it to match a pair of canvas shoes, the whole outfit became youthful and sweet.


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