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Swimsuit survivor: Unlike Miss America, S.I. Miss’s activities will still be wearing a swimsuit

STATEN ISLAND, NY. – In the Miss America beauty contest, the swimsuit came out. But in this week’s Miss Staten Island game, they still like it very much.

The local beauty pageant held at the B’nai Jeshuran meeting in West Brighton on Sunday, November 18 was the first step for participants who were interested in participating in the Miss National Competition.
So why is the swimsuit suitable for a grand event rather than another?

Miss Staten Island is a beauty pageant in New York State, because before the US Miss decision to become a final, there are some swimsuits in other local beauty contests in the state, so it must be carried out in the activities of our municipality.
The swimsuit section of the title competition was eliminated as part of the rebranding of the brand – known as Miss America 2.0 – Gretchen Carlson described it as a beauty-focused beauty contest and a talent- and achievement-centered competition.
Former Fox news person Carlson was appointed in January as the new chairman of the board of directors of Miss America.

Her appointment and the subsequent beauty pageant changes were the result of the 2017 scandal: the e-mail release of former US CEO Sam Haskell, insulting and insulting the contestants, sparked a Field storm.

The first Miss America beauty pageant in the post-swimwear era was held in September. Although some people express their joy to these changes
At Staten Island, Miss Steinton Island/Executive Director of Richmond County Jim Smith pointed out:

“It’s all about women’s empowerment, more in line with the predecessor of the #MeToo campaign and the Miss America beauty pageant, and disrespectful entrants, including the 2013 Miss America Mallory Hagan, The controversy was crowned as Miss New York at the St. George Theatre. But local and national directors wanted to leave the swimsuit. The girls said it was part of the tradition.
“When I first participated in 1967, I went to Atlantic City. The competitor was Kari Pedersen, Miss New York, and the swimsuit was one. Today’s swimwear is very provocative, and today’s two-piece suit is a bit sexy. Now girls Worked they want to show off their abs. It might come back.”


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