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Swimwear market grew at a CAGR of 5.97%: opportunities in the global market, 2017-2021 threatened by key suppliers’ analysis and forecasts

Swimwear market report contains a comprehensive market and supplier landscape, in addition to the main supplier of SWOT analysis. The report provides actionable information about the main factors affecting the swimwear market (drivers, opportunities, industry specific challenges and other key issues), and the size of swimwear market segments in each segment.

Swimwear market in developed countries such as the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan and Australia is relatively developed, and product innovation is still the key driving factor. In most western countries, a large number of swimming pools and water parks add to the widespread use of swimwear. In the United States, the water sports participation rate has risen from 12.5% in 2012 to nearly 2015 in 14%.

Although western countries have traditionally been dominated by the market, but in recent years the number of developing countries by swimwear is relatively increased, especially in apac. A strong macroeconomic base, coupled with an increasing number of people interested in swimming as a recreational and recreational activity, is driving the development of the global swimwear market.

In the comprehensive reasons, extensive research of reliable data from multiple sources (the primary school and middle school), and in-depth analysis of industry experts into the market, the market is expected to suit with a CAGR of 5.97% during the growth period of 2017-2021.

Market drivers: growing demand for luxury swimwear is one of the drivers of growth. As of 2015, the global swimwear market is valued at over $16 billion. Swimwear markets are expanding in developed countries such as Britain, Germany, France, Italy and spain. High end brand swimwear manufacturer has luxury beads and hand embroidered patterns. In fact, most senior swimwear makers and designers agree that designing a swimsuit is much more complicated than designing an ordinary costume or costume. The comfort and characteristics of these fancy swimsuits have a major impact on consumer buying decisions.

Market challenges: fluctuations in the price of raw materials is one of the challenges facing the market. Leading swimwear designers and swimwear manufacturer invest heavily in developing new materials that can help improve comfort levels, research performance, and swimwear life. However, fluctuations in raw material prices are challenging for swimwear manufacturer.

Market trends – – introducing multifunctional masking swimwear and sand pack providers is a key trend. In swimwear spaces, swimwear manufacturer are introducing versatile swimsuits that can be used for different uses and locations. This kind of swimsuit is designed in this way, and can also be used as semi casual clothing for swimming pool parties and outdoor activities, such as restaurants, resorts and shopping centers. Some examples include: multi-functional conceal, Sherlock cover up, Cozmo cover, cottage jumpsuit, Solmar hide, conceal Sophie, Tallulah, and Eva O’neal from La Jolla.

Market segmentation, product categories – women’s swimwear market, men’s swimwear market, children’s swimwear Market

Retail segments: swimwear market, retail formats, specialty retail stores, department stores, others

Geographical segmentation: Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, MEA

In order to calculate the size of swimwear market, the report takes into account the current market details through the study, synthesis and summarization of various sources. The report covers the market outlook and growth prospects for the next few years. Further talk about key suppliers in the swimwear market, such as American clothing, operating on Italy, Perry, Ellis international, Speedo international, Wacoal, and more.

With a detailed geographical analysis of the swimwear market in terms of impact and impact, this report provides a business level that looks at growth opportunities and the contribution of the upcoming segments.


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