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The stars of the future will shine at Brisbane’s premier fashion show.

The fashionable future is in good hands, with a large number of young dreamers forging a career in this most compelling industry in Brisbane.

On Tuesday, they will have the chance to shine at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in Brisbane.swimwear-manufacturer

Queensland University of Technology student Joeli Kabu is among those who will bring life to his idea of the next hotel on the runway in the next generation of group show in August 29th.

Kabu said he studied fashion and a fashion career for four years from his first home economics course in 8 years.

He said: “as a whole new world, fashion always puzzles me like magic.”

I’m glad that after graduating from high school, I spent two years doing some fashion shows in fashion shows and clothes.

“Designers from Indonesia and Korea are also a big bright spot.

“But so far, the biggest highlight of my student life is showing my collection, MBFF.”

Kabu will show two the devil’s appearance from his research collection, which he says is worn by popular culture and the Japanese Imperial court.

Although the old and famous brand enterprises will display their products at this year’s show in the next generation of fashion show is specially designed for budding designers — both those who are still learning, or those who have become the fashion business people.

Alice Litzow belongs to the latter, in the successful launch of her own swimwear manufacturer and stretchwear brand, AlcieMay.

Litzow graduated from Queensland TAFE with a higher diploma in fashion technology and won the highest award at the Gold Coast swimming Festival student category 2013. She introduced alciemay the following year.

“Since then, I have released a range of sportswear to fit and comfort.”… “With strong concern, recently, I introduced a range of rowing suits as well as producing some school racing gear,” she said.

As its business grows, Litzow has also found new ways for the industry to create clothing for other independent and emerging designers.

“Looking for Australian swimwear manufacturer is a big obstacle for many brands, so I’m happy to offer this service to my customers,” she said.”

In the next generation show, litzow will show three swimsuit looks to be released in the summer.

“I’m also excited about the MBFF runway shopping market – it’s going to be a great way to promote emerging labels.”

Litzow’s range of features, unique fabric print, and the use of photos, she put herself.

“Every printed matter has a story to tell,” she says.”

Fashion designers at the QUT Icaro Hotel Ibanez arricivita say the fashion industry these days is more challenging, but more exciting than ever.”

“The industry is changing rapidly, including technology and sustainable practices and the creation of new jobs every year,” he said.”

“It’s a multi billion dollar global industry, ranging from art to commerce, from textiles to production.”

The next generation will display QUT Megan Cannings fashion design, bold, Moreno Marcos, Annalisse design, Mara Swim, Lydia and James, platinum, Black, Brisbane Institute of clothing, jewelry, Queensland TAFE Brisbane and Isabelle Quinn and more.


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