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The beach and the unique: the niche brand challenges the swimwear giant


Carly Watson (10E) and friends here longtime, Stephanie’s 10DD, I don’t mind sharing their chest size and public policy.

After all, if it is not for their openness and frustration when shopping swimwear, they may never have their own label of launched, which is a narrow contrast with women’s goals and larger breasts.

“The truth of bathers is impossible,” recalls Watson. ” In the acquisition of D A [size] 16, get the bottom from the back and the “pause”.

Time lag wastage and lack of choice ‘,’ women spend three years studying their brand, folding, this launched this year.

Excel provides exclusively A and D cup ice wrinkles, an Australian swimwear several new label, which is the main city of disrupting tea industry. It is handful of a player in decades.

As the brand niche of flatfish and mass market, flatfish, prospering retail ice cream — just look at the booming athleisure market, including names, such as national and nimble sports as waterproofing.

Patreece botheras launched duskii “, because four years ago someone took the initiative to learn to swim more than 20 times”.

“We are small, but we are growing up. You can buy a duskii, and you can be on a unique beach… They are an individual. It’s not the same way, it has lasted for 20 years. We’re mixed up, changing its shape according to what women want.

Duskii treatment has double-digit growth. In the past year, ITS in the spurred city of the Communist Party of China has successfully built a bridge to social media. Michel is a fan to resist stockists’s pious professional support, including iconic.


Online merchants already have more than 60 swimwear brand names on their books and the most important two signs and household products, such as seafolly and speed ratio, among its best sellers.

But there is a shortage of official data (size of the swimwear industry in Australia, which has a market share of 20 and 30 cents between seafolly items. ”

So you can not from the industrial giant swimming here and the eco label, floor cruz.

“I don’t want to stay in any language of the fashion industry to know what this is made of two of our planet. It’s not happy for me, “she said.

Is A training? Mclean, the buyer of international textile and fashion designers, saw that “Xi’an ecologically friendly fabric” enables her to use swimwear to use skills and precision to give her two gowns and bride’s red carpet at the same time.

From the production of fabric to the regeneration of phishing, Mcclain’s eco swimwear ice first — its all recyclable — but still has a strong functional clothing and performance.

“Our company uses SPF 50 +, but makes a simple triangle. Well, how is that done? Do you cover your nipples? ” She said.

In a similar vein, Watson and the wrinkles of grains began their own frustrations with a traditional industry, and I didn’t produce the beach culture with women’s body and Australia.

“It is not” grain “in the sense of rational thinking. It’s the struggling catered duck. Uneasiness to start the business. “


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