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Amazon has more private label swimwears than it had imagined

According to the latest research by L2, a brand analysis company, Amazon has more private labels, not by analysts. According to the report, researchers found 41 private label swimwear manufacturers, seven more than those of Morgan Stanley.

29 of them are clothing, including jeans, sportswear, swimsuits, shoes, and L2. All intellectual property lawyers James F. Struthers office submits the operation of the trademark, his name has become the Amazon’s trademark application before, L2 said.

In the second quarter, Cooper Smith wrote on Monday’s blog that Amazon’s latest private label seems to have been launched in the past few months, in order to make full use of holiday shopping boom.

Amazon has done an excellent job in its own brand consumer goods, especially batteries and baby wipes, but its clothing products are attracting consumers, which is a challenge to traditional players such as Adidas, Nike and Calvin. This puts Nike in trouble, considering that it decided to sell on Amazon earlier this year.

Amazonbasics goods have easily smashed other retailers’ private consumer goods brands, but Amazon is not far from Amazon’s main line, driving further Amazon to buy the whole food 365 line. Amazon’s amazonbasics brand goods are dominant, own brand sales, earning more than $250 million a year to date (up to 85% of the total sales of its own brand in the United States), but the private label swimwear manufacturers lark and RO and baby care brands and vitamin Amazon elements are increased by 90%, from the beginning of last year, according to the analysis of electronic commerce click one of the retail company report. Many products are provided only to Prime members, helping to expand the value of Amazon’s $99 a year.

Speaking of fashion, the success of Amazon’s own brand has brought many challenges to the clothing brand. In addition to all kinds of private labels for clothing, footwear and accessories, Amazon is also experimenting with various sales and delivery modes, including a new clothing ordering service (now in the beta version), which is known as a boutique wardrobe. According to Amazon’s data, Amazon’s necessities occupy 3% of the best seller in all its clothing categories, defeating Adidas, Nike and Calvin. It sounds like a lot of consumer power: Amazon accounted for 5% elements, diaper bestsellers, beat Unilever’s seventh generation, and amazonbasics is the leading brand of batteries, more than Duracell, L2 notes.

“This is a way of selling brand fashion,” Smith said. “The importance of category to the retailer is clear.” Instead of waiting for famous brands to release, Amazon also uses its own brand products to fill the blank space.

According to other L2 studies, when private label swimwear manufacturers sell directly on Amason website, they can control their brands on the website, which makes Amason take risks to evaluate their bestsellers and sell them according to their basic conditions. Even if they have not officially released Amazon, their models are available through the market of third party suppliers, according to the report. For example, there are more than 2300 of the Amazon market for Tory Burch items, some discount as low as 71%, the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.

In the day, this is the first time that Amazon’s own brand Mae (underwear), goodthreads (men’s shirts), and RO (women) and the next (men’s shirts) landed on Amazon’s bestseller list in their categories, visibility to the Prime Minister of the day are landing page the screen driver based on L2. The study found that, in fact, in this year’s golden day, the Amazon’s fashion page is fully featured by its own brand products. These private label swimwear brands have maintained a great momentum in prime time.


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