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The Best Estee Lauder Lipstick Colors in 2020

The Best Estee Lauder Lipstick Colors in 2020

There are actually many types of lipstick texture, such as shimmer, sheer, satin, creamy, velvet, etc. The more moist, the durability will of course be correspondingly reduced, but some good lipsticks can slightly balance the two.

In moisturizing lipsticks, I prefer the texture of satin. You can imagine lips surrounded by silk. This type of lipstick has a mellow texture, although it has a moisturizing feel, it has a high color rendering and has a visually plumping effect. The most recommended of this texture is Estee Lauder’s envy series.

The advantage of this series is the texture. Because of the added hyaluronic acid factor, the lips are plumped up and have the effect of natural beeping lips.

No. 420 is very beautiful, gentle, low-key and elegant. 440 is a very special color, with purple-brown tones, it feels very picky, perhaps more suitable for cold and tall girls.

No. 430 is a very positive red. No. 280 is a peach pink with fluorescence, which is very suitable for women with dark skin and has a special flavor. Although 230 is also a Barbie color, perhaps due to the increased saturation, the skin tone is also good. It is worth trying.

Nr. 320 is a slightly fluorescent coral color, with orange tones in the powder, pink and tender, not picking the skin tone.

330 is orange red, very suitable for summer. 340 is bright red, in fact, there are some orange tones, which will be obvious under strong light. 380 is coral orange with low saturation, all of which are gentle colors. And 390 is a very bright orange.

110 is creamy apricot color, slightly yellowish, not recommended for yellow skin. 180 is a faint nude pink, but it actually looks like a nude lip color. 260 is more pleasing, pink-toned coral color, extremely girly.

Among these lipsticks, I picked two that I like the most.


When you go to the restaurant for dinner, you can choose a coral orange No. 380 with no obvious hue. This kind of color lipstick has another advantage when going to a restaurant for appointments. Lipsticks with too bright colors are easy to spend when eating, and may stick to the lips or leave half of them. But this lipstick that blends with lip color does not have these concerns.


When you go to the bar, the lights are dimmed, but your face cannot be dimmed. Pick the brightest red 340, which is not glaring at all. The red of 340 has a slight orange hue, which can only be seen under warm light, and it is basically an unbiased red. But unlike MAC’s red, which has strong lethality, she is more like a blatant girl, no matter how she is, she can’t stop the childishness in her bones. When wearing bright red, try not to choose too dull lipstick, the same color is the best.


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