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A Few Products You Must Know About Avène

Regarding sensitive skin, I think there is a brand that is suitable to recommend to everyone, and that is Avène. Avene is a world-renowned cosmeceutical and skin care brand. Its products are made from natural Avene active spring water and come from the unpolluted town of Avene at the foot of the Syvinis Mountain in southern France. Relying on its rich content of minerals, silicates, carbonates, potassium, calcium, magnesium ions, and a variety of trace elements, it has become a worldwide best-selling product. It is also a medical professional skin care brand under the leadership of a well-known pharmaceutical company. Avène is a subsidiary of Pierre Fabre Pharmaceutical Group. It is one of the three largest French pharmaceutical companies with branches in more than 130 countries on five continents. As a well-known pharmaceutical company, the Pierre Fabre Group has been committed to using pharmaceutical standards and technology to develop and produce skin care cosmetics, truly safe and effective. This sensitive skin care expert, a French brand with a history of nearly 300 years, is there anything worth buying for sensitive skin girls?


Avène’s spray can be said to be available at home. It has a history of 270 years and contains a variety of trace elements and low mineral content, which can effectively enhance skin tolerance and reduce skin sensitivity. Not only can it effectively soothe dry and sensitive skin, it also relieves the redness and heat caused by the sun, and soothes skin discomfort anytime, anywhere.


The Avene cream strictly selects the purest and mildest ingredients, does not contain any preservatives and preservatives, and has a sterile formula with a soft and refreshing texture that helps the skin resist the external climate and cosmetic irritation. The paste is smooth, not heavy, has no fragrance, and has good absorption.


Why is it called cold cream, because it contains classic cold cream ingredients (beeswax, French essence rose oil, almond oil), long-lasting soothing, protecting and nourishing hand skin from the inside out. The formula is non-greasy. The unique sucralfate component promotes the repair of hand cracks. Enriched with Avene active spring water, soothing and reducing irritation.


Compared with facial cleanser, the smooth and delicate foam of the cleansing mousse can help reduce friction and avoid touching the skin. It is very suitable for sensitive skin. The cleansing mousse is very convenient to use. With a light press, the rich foam will flow out of the bottle. The texture, ultra-fine and dense moisturizing foam, softly cleans the skin of the face and eyes, and is easy to rinse off. Reduces irritation, leaving skin soft and not tight.


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