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The Most Worth Buying Lipsticks from YSL Saint Laurent in 2020

Lipstick should be a woman’s first cosmetics.” For every girl, there is an irresistible temptation. The famous Chinese writer Zhang Ailing wrote in her essay: “The first time I made money in my life was in middle school. , I drew a cartoon and voted it in English newspapers. The newspaper gave me five yuan, and I immediately bought a small Danqi lipstick. My mother blamed me for not keeping that banknote as a souvenir, but I was not as emotional as her. For me, money is money, and I can buy everything I want. “

YSL Rouge: A total of 3 series, including ROUGE PUR COUTURE THE MATS (limited matte), ROUGE PUR COUTURE GOLDEN LUSTRE (luxury micro-shimmer lipstick) and ROUGE PUR COUTURE (magic pure lipstick). Among them, YSL Saint Laurent pure lipstick (ROUGE PUR COUTURE): “YSL’s most iconic NO.1 pure lipstick, with rich colors and the most prestigious design, smooth texture gives lips a stunning sheen like silk and satin.”

#01 Pure red: Every girl should have a pure red lipstick. No matter the light makeup and heavy makeup, this lipstick is not very dry, and very lively. Shopping and dating are both suitable.

#19 Rose Red: The test color is slightly purple, but the actual lips are slightly red. It can be matched with nude makeup, which enhances the complexion and is suitable for girls with fairer skin.

#13Pure orange: The hue is a very saturated and bright orange, very complex, thin coating is lively, thick coating shows aura.

#52: Coral rose color, high color saturation, good color rendering, with gloss, great covering lip color, more moisturizing texture, suitable for white skin.

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YSL VOLUPTÉ: “Moisturizing care, bright colors, whether you are a girl in the morning or a nightwalker, every moment, shining and moving, detonating your girl’s heart”. It is the flagship product of YSL family, there are 4 series, namely VOLUPTÉ SHEER CANDY, ROUGE VOLUPTÉ SHINE, ROUGE VOLUPTÉ and ROUGE VOLUPTÉ PERLE. Among them, Shine is the hottest and most popular series.

#12Pink Party: No one can go wrong with it. The pink and tender color is soft, girly and charming, and it is very beautiful with one layer. Moisturizing and coloring are very good, very vigorous.

#14: The thin coating has a touch of orange with grapefruit color. It looks very girly and more daily. The thick coating has the feeling of coral orange with a little fluorescence. Yellow peel is not recommended.

#15 Coral Lovers: Naked coral orange, the complexion is very good, very natural, not unassuming. Thick coating and thin coating have different effects. Suitable for daily and work.

#16 Candy Girl: Naturally unassuming, brightens the complexion, shows the complexion, the color is grapefruit. The thin coating is a bit pink, the thick coating is a bit orange, and the yellow-skinned Fuxing is a versatile model that doesn’t pick the skin.

#46: Gentle and vigorous coral pink orange, a very versatile color, thinly coated with coral color, thicker orange is more obvious, moist and white, full of vitality. Called the #12 replacement.


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December 25, 2020 at 11:53 am

What a cool thing, I like these lipsticks.

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