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The Royal Air Force’s trauma nurses swept their legs in a skydiving and swimed for the UK at Invictus Games.

In a skydiving exercise, a military trauma nurse has competed for the Invictus Games competition from the struggle to break the legs.

The Royal Air Force Sergeant Sadi Merlin’s limbs “bend into strange angles” when they hit the ground at 60 mph. She works hard every day and doesn’t feel anything under her right knee – but he will compete like a swimmer.

Sgt Melling, 33, flew from Heathrow to Sydney with 71 other British players before the Olympics, which opened on Saturday.

She is taking a break from secondment to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where she is working with NHS medical staff to keep her prepared for future military operations.
The Merlin army will participate in the freestyle and breaststroke and the 50m and 100m races in the relay race. She will also become a tactician in the keel boat event held by two women and two men at Sydney Harbour.

She said that the Olympic training for Prince Harry in 2014 for the “injured warrior” helped to reduce leg pain and nerve pain and improve her walking.

Her pool meeting took place at Headley Court near Epsom, where she recovered and sailed at Weymouth and Portland Olympic venues.

After the accident in 2011, the Merlin army spent a week in a Spanish hospital before returning home on an empty stomach. She was transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, where she had treated soldiers wounded in Afghanistan.
Most of her recovery was inspired by the determination of other patients, who later worked at Headley Court, “give back what she got”.

She described her call to the team as “unbelievable” and said she found that she had finished cutting at the end of last month. She participated in 15 training camps this year, making her legs stronger.

She described her skydiving drama, she said: “I am in the process of forming a sky diving qualification, it is really a lot of wind, about 17 knots, and very dusty my parachute opened, but I have blown away, to 60 The mile/hour speed hit a fence.

“My legs are broken, they are completely curved into a strange angle, this is surreal. This is hidden damage… My left leg is too short, my right leg nerve is damaged So I don’t feel the legs below the knees, I got a lot of nerve pain and pain. If I don’t move, my legs will swell to twice the size.”

She added: “I hope that my game in Sydney will make people realize that they can overcome adversity. I am really excited, and my parents are the same.”

The British Invictus Games swimming team is supported by Speedo, the official swimming suits for ladies supplier that started on October 20.


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