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Stand out in eco-friendly swimwear and beautify the earth

Stand out in eco-friendly swimming suits for ladies and beautify the earth
At last! You should be in the sea, you can get involved, because a South Florida company is turning the bottle into a swimsuit.

The appearance is different and the materials are different, because this is a different kind of swimsuit.

Michael Szklaver: “Mavrans is a collection of clothing made from recycled water bottles. We increase the elasticity, so it’s very comfortable. We have a fun Miami print that will make you the focus of the party.”

That’s right: recyclable swimwear!

We checked the poolside of the beautiful Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club on Collins Avenue.

It turns out that recycled plastic can easily become a swimsuit.

Michael Szklaver: “Once they melt, they will stretch into it. Then we print it and cut it.”

Extensibility is key because, as they say: it is important to feel comfortable during swimming.

This is the saying, right?

Gabriella Souzima, model: “It feels like hugging my body. Not all my swimsuits are in this shape, so I really appreciate this material.”

Fabio Furones, model: “It stretches perfectly, especially around the thighs and arms. So I think this is the perfect swimsuit.”

When it comes to different styles, they all have one theme: Miami.

Michael Szklaver: “They combine tropical prints like pineapples and flamingos. This is the art of decoration. We incorporate that look.”

Gabriella Souzima: “This is very unique, very Miami, South Florida, South Beach. If you take part in a pool party, you will definitely stand out.”

Each piece (top or bottom) is $79.

This is not only the price of personal beauty, but also the price of keeping the earth beautiful.

Fabio Furones: “Who doesn’t want to look good when they are environmentally friendly?”

In fact, this is just a preview of the women’s swimsuit. They will be listed in a few weeks.


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