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Thermal swimwear manufacturer performance: $18 million group Polaris combination for 4 months for 100% months


One of the main swimwear manufacturer building, a $18 million 700 thousand industry portfolio by the colonial Phoenix North Star may buy in less than four months has achieved 100% occupancy rate, due to the final completion of lease 58306 square feet this week by the retail security equipment developers Invue Feinikesi Jones Lang LaSalle office.

Invue will be positioned to space Neilaiweisite new business center, located at 3602 W. street in Washington, Feinikesi, by the end of this year. Member of the new tenant aquafil, global fabric producer, is dedicated to 116890 square feet in 3555 W Washington, Feinikesi. The aquafil swimwear manufacturer building part is the same group combination and directly opposite the Invue.

Jones Lang LaSalle, managing director of Anthony Lydon and Marc Hertzberg, and vice president Riley Gilbert represent the new rental group of polaris.

Gilbert said: “these transactions reflect our emerging Phoenix industrial swimwear market, the vacancy rate is 10 years low, the absorption rate reached the highest level in history.” “Combined with the colonial Arctic star portfolio as the owner and tenant of the new absolute home run.”

Invue security products, will video production enterprises, retail chain and family office music clips, will use new space, for its west coast distribution facilities.

In September, Aquafil announced that it would invest $10 million in its American carpet recycling operations, using nylon 6 as raw material, and could be used in textile products such as the new Feinikesi building, swimwear and carpet.

The building is the colonial system level 30 assets with clear height, high load, ESFR terminal nozzle and within a mile, the first place along the I-10 diamond interchange. Other tenants in the portfolio include Del Monte and Hadrian.

The report recently released swimwear manufacturer industry insight Q3 Phoenix Jones Lang LaSalle, Feinikesi industrial market is expected to hit a record high, due to the absorption of mature marketing activities including from companies of all sizes and industries, but not limited to manufacturing, high-tech, aerospace, electronic commerce, food packaging, swimwear, health care products and logistics distribution. The last peak appeared in 2005, when the market absorbed 7 million 900 thousand square feet of industrial space in a calendar year.


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