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Make Swimwear for Beyonce to shut down swimwear manufacturer in Nazareth

A women’s swimwear manufacturer in Northampton County, had made a suitable pop star Beyonce wear will close its manufacturing plant in Nazareth on the cover of sports illustrated, the job of 93 people.

H sportswear Co., Ltd. has informed the Ministry of labor and industry that its manufacturing facility in the upper town of Nazareth will be closed in September 1st. All other company facilities, including the distribution and design of facilities of Easton and stockertown, will continue to open.

Jack Waldman, vice president and general counsel, said Tuesday that the private sector will outsource work outside the already produced swimwear. He doesn’t want to name the country, one with H brands such as miraclesuit and Penbrooke.

About 93 people will lose their jobs, most of them sewing operations, Waldman said. A and H swimsuits are sold to retailers.

He said layoffs were unprecedented in the company’s 79 year history.

“Basically, we really can not afford or responsibly on Nasalexiang do clothes,” said Waldman.” Our customers [retailers] have high profits, and consumers have to pay lower prices.”

The company moved from Easton to 2011, producing 50 Indus street, an ordinary building in front of a residential area in Nazareth.

A company, headquartered in Northampton county and stockertown several facilities, over the years has been keeping a low profile, but it has received some attention. The company ended up winning a federal lawsuit against Vitoria, the swimwear manufacturer, in 2002. One company contends that Victoria’s Secret “Wonderbra” infringes its 1992 trademark for its flagship miraclesuit swimsuit, which will make the wearer look lighter by 10 pounds.

2007, superstar Beyonce appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit version, wearing a bikini made by H H.

Waldman refuses to say how many employees will be laid off after the layoffs, but says the company will help the workers through their rapid response and coordination services in the labor sector to help them lose their jobs.

“Our investment in Nazareth has been significantly upgraded because we are committed to production in Nazareth,” Waldman said.” Unfortunately, the economic realities we face today prohibit us from producing garments.”

David Melman, the Pennsylvania workers union manager, SEIU in London, said an additional 150 non union workers will stay with the company’s production facilities in Nazareth, once the factory closed, of which 85 union workers employed.

Mehlman accused China of cutting off its trade policy. The area that once had a thriving garment factory was hit by overseas flights, where workers received only a small portion of the American wages.

“It’s more about a swimwear manufacturer than it is,” Mehlman said.” Our country’s trade policy does not protect American sewing workers, which makes it difficult for our members.”

Waldman agreed. He said twenty-five years ago, hundreds of sewing operations of the region, with mom and pop in the slate business in the large-scale clothing company Lehigh and Northampton county.

Today, Waldman says only a few remain. A division of the VF company is the largest swimwear manufacturer with 600 employees and contracts with 2019 major alliances to produce uniforms and related clothing.

“We’ve done our best to keep our facilities open as long as we can,” Waldman said.


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