What To Pair With Wide-Leg Pants To Look Stylish

Meta Description: Everybody just can’t get enough of wide-leg pants! Want to look extra chic to stand out? Follow these super basic but extra vogue-ish tips to amp up your wide-leg pants ensemble, any day.

Tucked In, In Style

It’s the golden rule. Wide-leg pants are to be worn with tops that are either cropped or are tucked in. That’s if you really want to bank of how wide-leg pants make you look like the Empire State Building on heels.

That said, if you want to give this getup a bit more of a zing, choose a monochrome pair of bottoms BUT your top has to be out-of-the-conventional with regards to design and cut. Now that’s a head-turner for sure.

Layer Up!

This is the perfect tip especially when it’s cold outside. Don’t be afraid of layers. Wide-leg pants have a naturally flowy form that’s perfect for adding more flowy items such as a suit jacket or a trench coat. You don’t even really have to put them on. Drape them on your shoulder Paris street fashion-style and you’re good to go.

Suit Up That Jazz

Matching suits are always an easy A+ when it comes to donning apparel that’s put together without having to pour in too much effort in it. Effortless. That’s the word. Suits have that magic of upping the level of what you wear as though you’re paparazzi photo-ready, any time, anywhere.

The Half Tuck

Now here’s a favorite that def has that vibe of I-woke-up-like-this but I’m still chic-from-head-to-toe. The half-tuck is exactly what its name connotes. You tuck part of the hem of your top and leave the rest of it, preferably the back, untucked.

The Overlay Belt

Want to be all up fashion-forward in your grill (or so the paraphrased saying goes)? Then go with the uncommon route of wearing your top over your wide-leg pants. BUT! You have to wrap a belt around your midsection to still highlight your hourglass body shape. It’s the exception to the golden rule regarding wide-leg pants.

Just remember that the belt overlay is essential in making this outfit work. Oh, snap!


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