Makeup Tips For An Everyday Look

Meta Description: No time to put on heavy makeup in the mornings? We’ve got you covered! These makeup tips are easy, breezy, and every-day ready to give your face that dash of radiance without you having to spend too much time prepping.


1. The Prime Factor: Primer

After washing your face, applying your day cream or moisturizer (among other products you use for morning skincare), start off with a good primer. A primer smoothens lines and bumps so that foundation can be applied evenly.

Plus, a primer lets makeup stay on longer, so you can lessen the number of times you’ll do retouches throughout the day. Don’t forget to prime your eyelids, too.

  1. The Concealer + Foundation DuoSome prefer just using one over the other on hectic weekdays. If you can spare a bit of time, cover blemishes and dark spots with concealer. Then, apply a liberal amount of foundation on your face.


    If you want that summer glow, choose a dewy foundation. If you want a flawless finish with the opposite effect, then choose matte. However, make sure to take your skin tone and type into consideration when selecting which foundation to apply.

  2. Eyebrow LoveDid you know that how strongly or lightly your shape your eyebrows can dramatically change the way you look? For everyday makeup, there’s no need to bold those brows too much. Follows its natural arc and top it off with some brow gel, to keep their shape on-fleek all day.
    1. Nothing Like Nude EyeshadowPick a nude shade that’s one or 2 colors darker than your actual skin color. And it has to be matte. This way, it’ll simply act as a natural contrasting hue on your skin, rather than full-on eyeshadow. Kind of like a barely-there effect.


      Above all, nude eyeshadow emphasizes your eyes without looking like you put a ton of makeup on. And they immediately get rid of the puffy-eyed, I-woke-up-too-early image.

      5. Cheeks And Lips

      Finally, add a pop of color to your cheeks and to your lips. Just like with your eyeshadow, “natural” is a perfect choice. Lighter shades provide that younger-looking glow. You don’t have to match your blush to your lip tint. However, they shouldn’t be contrasting either. Your best bet is to try them out against your skin color.


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