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What’s hot in Hongkong this summer swimwear?

Popular trends — whether it is a jacket, shoulder pads or even pockets from 1980s, are making a comeback on the runway. Swimming suits are no exception. Fortunately, only the best years have been distilled into swimsuits. Here is how you can turn back this summer.


Think of 1980s

“80s rule – so high legs in suits and Bikinis nightclubs is crucial,” says Aisling McKeefrey, the designer of the women’s fashion retailer ASOS.

The triangle, its signature neon swimwear manufacturer China swimsuit with a beach storm, a few years ago, exchanged neoprene for this season’s velvet. A high skinned bottom with a round neck. Velvet bikinis ($89 / HK $693) are available in a range of interesting colors – purple, blue, mint, green, coral and bright yellow – have been found in celebrities such as Courtney Kardashian.

For those who love a little at the bottom, high waist pants also become fashionable for a time. To avoid looking like you’re wearing grandma’s pants, go to a romantic and sexy Tulsi like lace panel bikini (HK $4225) for the Australian brand Zimmermann, featuring mesh specifics.

An adjustable strap at the top. With the rest of the collection, this is a resort and poolside gorgeous, because you won’t want the sand to be made of its exquisite material.

Bold print and pattern

In the 80s of the last century, bold colors and patterns were given to the mind. Local swimwear manufacturer China brand Mint escape debut collection, this year by the Vo and Anna designer Diana Biller launched, interesting and creative patterns, such as tropical foliage, Heliconia flowers and soft flowers by the Japanese garden.

Each print a variety of styles such as fine, balconette is available, and you can mix and match different bottom (HK $770-hk $850 a). Some color at the bottom of the net e details aside, a nod to the knitting and crochet trend appeared to stay in here last year.

A smooth piece of

It’s also a one-piece swimsuit this season. They are more tolerant, but not necessarily sexy (remember them?).

“A big news, they also offer a sleek and sexy for all types, can give some parts of structure and confidence of female consciousness,” said Natalie Kingham, an online retailer purchasing director matchesfashion.com

According to Kingham, this year is clean lines and limited embellishment. Limited but creative, make swimming costume interesting. “The collection of historical documents is filtered through women’s tights swimming – lace details and sets,” McKeefrey says.

Kingham suggests that on the island, a Italy brand is the new online retailer. With distinctive white or black, its lace V collar Swimsuit (HK $2720) maintains simple stylish modern silhouette. Attractive lace detail at the front and a deep spoon come back to add an interesting touch.

H&M has just released its online store or swimwear manufacturer China in Hongkong, offering similar designs. Its latest swimwear collection consists of plain bikini (HK $149) and a black swimsuit (HK $299) front lacing.

Inspired by sports and athleisure

Swimsuit flagpole athleisure herd, it is functional, comfortable and chic. The latest collection of colors, in coral and green tones, is inspired by seasonal fruit, especially watermelons in summer, according to founder and designer Megan Balch and Jaime Barker.

Jade ($385) is characterized by deep cuts that are very popular this season, but in other areas do not expose too much skin, and remain elegant and elegant. The Colourblock design and architecture department in the swimsuit gave an illusion of slender waist and fabric properties last year.


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