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5 swimwear manufacturer brands have some fun in the sun

It’s hot this summer, so make sure you have the hottest swimsuit. Check out our editor’s Top swimwear manufacturer brand.

1. Solids and stripes


From the waterwheel, New York, brand integration, elegant and dynamic.

Price: HK $1100 – HK $2000

Celebrity fans: Gigi Hadid, Bela Thorne

2. Marysia


Levi’s founder Marysia dobrzanska to capture and surf elegant dance

Price: HK $2600 – HK $3100

Celebrity fans: Jessica Gomez, Caroline Moffet, Kate, Bock



By irresistible Bikinis nightclub supermodel

Price: HK $2400 – HK $2800

Celebrity fans: Bar, Refaeli, Carla Devoy

4. Lisa Mary Fernandez


A swimwear manufacturer swimsuit is sexy

Price: HK $3000 – HK $4600

Celebrity fans: Selena Gomez, Rosie, Huntington, Whiteley

5. Mara Hoffman


The geometric patterns draw many people’s attention on the beach

Price: HK $1700 – HK $2500

Celebrity fans: Anne Hathaway, Courtney Kardashian


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