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Which Facial Mask Should I Use in Summer?

Times have changed, and nowadays, the easy mask is synonymous with double skincare. Gone are the days when they only worked after a trip to the spa and when they required us to spend hours with this mixture on the skin.

Currently, there are several options for facial masks on the market. Almost all of them with two points in common: an easy application and a short rest time, which does not go beyond 10 minutes and in some cases. They only work in less than 5 minutes and are ideal to carry in your necessaire and apply any time you are resting or relaxing.

Made thinking about the different needs of the skin, there are options for those who want to detox their skin. For those who want to hydrate, revitalize, smooth, or even have treatment after being in the sun all day.

These face masks can be in cream, being necessary to spread the product evenly on the face, or even in fabric, which are good options, as they do not generate as much dirt and are very practical for our daily lives.

To help you in this process, we have prepared a complete guide with valuable tips that will guide you when choosing your summer facial mask so that you can take all possible care and keep your skin clean and healthy every day. Enjoy the tips!

LANCÔME Pure Empreinte Masque

Lancôme’s Pure Empreinte Masque revitalization and oil control mask has in its formula white clay rich in minerals, which minimizes and unclogs pores, in addition to absorbing skin oils without dehydrating.

Its texture is light and as it dries on the skin, it absorbs excess oils and impurities that end up being eliminated when the mask is removed with water. In other words, do you want revitalized skin free from excessive shine? This mask is right for you!

CLINIQUE Anti-Acne Anti-Blemish Solutions Face Mask

Soothing and clay-based, Clinique’s Anti-Acne Anti-Blemish Solutions Face Mask works deeply to cleanse and unclog pores, ridding the skin of excess sebum. In addition, the brand promises that in just 5 minutes the skin is cleaner, smoother and with fewer imperfections.

With a mild formula, which does not cause dryness and does not irritate. It contains algae extract, a moisturizing and antioxidant ingredient, and aloe vera extract, which has a healing and calming action. And also, it has salicylic acid, which is great for fighting acne and oiliness.

MISSHA Wrinkle Caring Mask

Missha’s Wrinkle Caring Mask has ingredients that improve skin elasticity and wrinkles. Its formula features combinations of peptides and proteins that help restore collagen levels.

The mask itself has great grip and comfort when applied to the skin. It is made from a combination of Tencel, artificial fiber, with eucalyptus extract and gel powder, consisting of seaweed extract. The brand has other 5 mask options available, including one ideal for oily skin. If that’s your case, don’t forget to test it.

KLASSE Intense Care Facial Mask

Intense Care Facial Mask from Klasme presents in its composition an algae extract that has vital elements that help to prevent skin dehydration. It also has a peptide complex that helps prevent wrinkles and chamomile extract that helps soothe the skin.

With high hydration power in a single application, this revitalizing mask is made of cellulose and adapts to the shape of the face. The line has two more options of masks, one that helps to purify the skin and another that helps repair it. In other words, perfect for those days when we overdo it and forget about the face shield.

Garnier SkinActive Hydra Bomb Fabric Revitalizing Face Mask

Indicated for all skin types, including the most sensitive, its composition provides firmer skin, smoothness and luminosity across the face. According to the brand, a fabric mask is equivalent to a week of facial treatment.

How is your skin care going in the summer?


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