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5 Perfumes Suitable for Summer, Girls All Like Them!

You certainly have your favorite perfume brands. The ones you use on a daily basis or on special occasions. But have you ever thought about how much temperature can influence your choice? Is the same fragrance suitable for summer and winter, the warmest days and the coldest days? It is important to pay attention to that detail as well. As in the way of dressing or eating, the seasons also call for different aromas. So, now that summer is coming, nothing better than buying a new perfume, taking advantage of fragrances that are better suited to hot days. Write down the tips and choose the right perfume.

The first rule is simple: in the heat, prefer the lightest perfumes that provide a greater sensation of freshness. Bet on floral, citrus or slightly sweetened ones. Strong and striking fragrances, with high fixation, are not indicated. Although they can remain on your skin longer, their aroma is enhanced by the heat which will certainly become uncomfortable for you and can bother those around you.

What are the best summer perfumes?

– Fruity floral fragrances

This is a perfect combination to get you in the summer mood. And we are not only talking about the temperature, but also about all the joy, the feeling of freedom that this season gives us. Invest in perfumes that add floral scents like violet, rose, jasmine, and fleur de to those of red fruits like cherries, raspberries, or apples. Then just enjoy life!

– Citrus fragrances

Refreshing, the perfumes with striking notes of lemon, orange, lime and mandarin are the most suitable to be used on a daily basis, in this hot summer period. They are a good option for those who spend the day at work or for that walk in the mall, for example.

– Spicy floral fragrances

Soft and spicy at the same time, these perfumes give a touch of irreverence typical of hot summer days. The fusion of floral aromas with spices such as pepper, nutmeg and cloves results in a perfect combination that makes a difference, especially in those special moments.

– Oriental fragrances

The harmonization of floral and fruity aromas, finished with notes of vanilla, amber and wood result in a perfume that is at the same time soft and sophisticated, romantic and sensual, a great choice to live moments for two, on a warm night.

Check out 5 perfumes ideal to use in the summer


Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is a feminine floral fruity scent that combines the freshness of the daisy with the light breeze of the blue sky days.


Inspired by the rarest gemstone in the world, Tourmaline, found in Brazil, the floral-fruity perfume Bvlgari Omnia Tourmaline Paraiba reveals a surprising blend that combines the freshness of oranges with the exuberance of the passion fruit flower.

  • Signorina Eleganza Salvatore Ferragamo

Perfect for hot summer days, the floral cyprus perfume Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Eleganza has a luxurious and seductive fragrance.

  • Light Blue Dolce & Gabbana

With rich notes of flowers and fruits, Light Blue is perfect for modern women, who like the elegant and casual lifestyle.


An aquatic, sensorial fragrance, inspired by nature. The perfume was taken by the idea of escaping to a paradisiacal place where we can restore the necessary energy for the body and soul, and where we experience a natural balance.

How to use perfume in summer

The warmer days increase the body’s perspiration, the evaporation of the skin. As a result, the fragrance of perfumes also evaporates much more quickly than in winter, reducing the effect over time. Therefore, always have a small bottle in your bag so that you can reapply the perfume whenever necessary. If you are going to use some type of moisturizer, prefer those that have no smell, so as not to interfere with the fragrance. And the main thing: do not overdo the dose, you do not need to leave the environment all fragrant.

How not to make a mistake in choosing

Many people feel ashamed to try the perfume in the store when they go shopping. Don’t be intimidated. There are separate bottles especially for this in specialized stores. Use those strips of paper and, if you still have doubts, put a little on the handle. The important thing is not to make mistakes and feel good.

Which perfume will you call yours for this summer?


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