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With obesity, shame, comment, hit your swimwear manufacturer


The mission of Mary Holland Lingerie is to change our views and talk about women’s bodies.

The front of the body of Australian swimwear manufacturer, founded in 2004, sales of lingerie and swimwear “for all”, and has the characteristics of different body shapes of women in the social media feeds photos.

Last month, Mary Holland, founder and director of Belinda Roelofs, shared video in LinkedIn aimed at helping women see the media on their bodies.
The clip function model Kristina Yeo happily dances in a walk-in wardrobe, wearing black Marie Holland swimwear.

Unfortunately, there are few comments that can be made in response to the opposite of its positive message.

Many users, their professional public configuration files connected to their comments, took the opportunity to “humiliate” Yang Rongwen fat.

One claimed she was overweight, and the other suggested losing weight was herself”.

To the daily mail, Roelofs points out that these people say the health of people they’ve never met or seen before.

She adds: “they don’t have any medical experience to support their education on this issue.” Right upper.

Fortunately, there are a lot of more positive responses, many of the intent and models of the praise video starring this.

A woman thinks that the cruel, critical information left by some people helps to train a wider range of women who are used to hating their bodies.

These comments more truly reflect them than women in the video. If it was your daughter, would you dare to call her such a nasty name? “She wrote.

In a world where women’s body description is very narrow, companies like Mary Holland Lingerie offer a very popular antidote.

It’s heartening to see that no cruel comment would destroy the important messages they spread.


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