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Yellow has been decreed to be the color pastel for the spring season. In the fashion industry, one of the major color trend has been yellow during springtime. Over the years majority designers in New York fashion week show case yellow themed attires and artists like Offset and Cardi B turning up the heat with their hit song, clout, with wide usage of bright yellow. You would seemingly ask yourself, why yellow?

Well, as you would have imagined, you have been seeing a trend in yellow during springtime and it’s here to stay. Let me break it down.

Spring, commonly known as springtime, is the third season of the year that comes after winter and before summer. After a cold and boring winter season that is characterized by heavy wear, in comes the bright and beloved spring and which right color to wear than the brightest of them all.

In this season, flowers blossom and trees turn leafy green making the environment bright and colorful, love and joy is in the air! This in turn makes spring to be associated with bright colors with yellow being perhaps the most trending color palette of the spring season globally.

Different shades of yellow trend during different years in springtime. For instance, during the 2019 fashion week, aspen gold commonly known as marigold was decreed as the trending shade of yellow for the season while honey yellow is set to be the trending spring summer color for 2020 fashion week. Yes, its that fashionable!

For a classy wearable look, banana yellow shade can be neutralized with a variety color combinations like army green, beige, black and dark blue. Yellow is just a fun color to wear, don’t you think?

Top Tip: Famous designers pair citrus yellow spring dress with plane nude shoes and a pink blush purse for women. As for men, golden yellow shorts paired with plain white fitting shirt and nude open shoes will do the trick. Yellow can also be incorporated to your suitability and preference. For instance, the African dashiki has a blend of honey yellow mixed with traces of medium brown and jungle green.

Yellow is also a chill color that can be worn while relaxing to the breeze on the beach. Due to the bright nature of the color. It signifies celebration and fullness of life, spreading of joy and hope for a prosperous future. Yellow is definitely the color for all spring seasons!


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