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Your Face Determines What Hat You Wear. Choose the Right One

Your face is a great determinant for the type of hat you wear. Many people have had a difficult time choosing a hat that rhymes with their face. However, the moment you land on the hat that fits you, then you are guaranteed of an incredible appearance. You have to consider the following for a flattering look:

Step 1

Have the Measurements of Your Face

Use a tape measure to get the right measurements of your forehead from one eyebrow arch to the peak of the opposite eyebrow. Using the same tape, measure your cheekbones from the start and end of the bump. Also, do not forget to find the measurement of your jawline and face length. All these measurements will help you determine the shape of your jaw, your face’s widest part, and the length of your face.

Determine the Shape of Your Face

Our faces are categorized into different shapes: some are round, square, oval, heart-shaped, and rectangle.

In case you have a round-shaped face, you need a hat that that is designed purposely to add some height to your face. Some recommended hats are the high-brimmed fedoras, trilbys, and porkpies. Most people go for these because those hats which are too low over their faces only emphasize the round shape of their face.

If you have a square-shaped face, then look for winter hats to style your look and offer an extra soft look. Also, you may go for floppers like cloches, bucket styles or bowl hats.  This gives an extra roundness to the shape of your face. Additionally, beanies and berets do well for people with this kind of shape.

In case you have always been worrying whether you can get a hat that rhymes well with your oval shape, then the good news is that there are several hats for you. Try playing around by wearing any hat from fedoras to baker boys, beanies to berets, fisherman to floppy or headwear. All these styles work for your oval-shaped face.

If your face is heart-shaped, there are several hat styles that you need to try. Bucket hats, cloches, and baseball caps give you a perfect look for your oval-shaped face. However, avoid wider-brimmed hats if you want to balance your wider forehead and narrow chin.

For rectangular shaped faces, then a hat with a shorter brim is suitable for you. Such types of hats do not give an additional height to your face. Make sure that the type of hat you select creates equilibrium by sitting across your forehead. You can also go for floppy styled hats instead of berets.







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