This large size swimsuit series is designed in rainbow colors and is absolutely beautiful.

If you like to wear stripes, especially in the days of ladies swimming costume and sunshine, then you will panic about some of the big-size swimwear collections that have just been released. Brazilian swimwear designer Bruna Malucelli and size fashion and lifestyle blogger Katie Sturino creativity, from the lineup so simple – they are perfect for one-piece and a bikini, all of which have color linear pattern. It is bright, easy, and inclusive AF. This is also the time for such things!
“Plus swimwear usually looks like it’s for you to add, or just like it tries to hide something. I just want a suit that a non-oversized friend wants to buy, not something I have to buy, because there is no Something else is available,” Sturino explained as Refinery29. “We still have very few choices in the swimwear market, and when we do, they usually look like they are made for large women,” adds Malucelli. “I don’t believe that women with curves want this, they want to have what other girls wear, and they want more choices. Not just screaming plus size.”

Go Sturino’s blog The 12ish Style, you will find her not just like swimsuit season, she likes it. In an article, she even used the label “#lovesummerhateeverythingelse” and thought that on May 22nd, National Swimwear Day, her “favorite festival.” In other words, the girl knows her swimsuit and she understands what makes a good swimwear so good and turns it into a new collection of design ace.
According to Refinery29, the designer said her swimsuit collection has a simple goal:
Top coverage. I want to make sure my girl is fit to wear a suit, not an adventure pop up or an unconscious deficiencies. I also want to make sure that the suit feels fun and celebrates, not too sexy or super-covered.
Check out this series of products, you will find that her goal is top of the triangle T. Toid, which includes two bikini top style, offer comfortable coverage, with a spaghetti straps, and one with thick straps. Single-piece as well as a thicker strap – they are classic maillot of cool style. In terms of stripe patterns, some are iridescent, some are two- or three-tone; some have horizontal lines, while others have parallel lines. However, all of this can be customized by hand embroidery, so if you want to add a name, abbreviation or anything else to your swimsuit, now is your chance.

The series is exclusively released through CoEdition, a new fashion e-commerce site dedicated to the 10th and above. Brooke Cundiff, co-founder of CoEdition, told Refinery29, “CoEdition is a powerful platform for creating changes in the retail space, serving women who are overlooked by traditional retailers. So when we think about the first collaboration, we naturally think of it. Bruna and Katie.Katie are great advocates of physical enthusiasm, inclusiveness and personal style. Our values ​​fit perfectly with Katie and we are very happy to work with Bruna. Her Brazilian style is very suitable for CoEdition, she has created a female favorite Unique and fascinating design.”
Each swimwear in the collection retails for $229 and initially looks a bit steep and can only be worn in a fraction of the year. But when you consider the idea of ​​creating each style, their high quality, and the fact that they are legally more reliable than 90% of other swimming products, it is completely worth it.

RHOBH’s Dorit Kemsley put on a suit at her swimwear company Beverly Beach

The real housewife of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley has filed a countersuit in a commercial dispute in her swimwear line Beverly Beach, in which a man said he has a stake in his organization.

According to TMZ, the profile of Bravo’s beauty was named after her and her spouse filed a lawsuit last month by a businessman named Ryan Horne.

According to TMZ, in the initial lawsuit, 42-year-old Doolit and her husband Paul Kamsley (51) agreed to grant him the third ownership of Beverly Beach last year, as well as the manufacture of swimwear. Duties.
Legal issues: The true housewife of 42-year-old Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley has filed a countersuit in a commercial dispute in her swimwear line Beverly Beach, in which a man said he has a stake in his organization. She patted her husband Paul in Los Angeles last year.
In her counterclaim, Dorit said that Horne was only a “supplier” to her company because there was no agreement to give him a share of ownership.

Dorit told the court that she was the owner of the business and that Horne failed to perform its duties on time or on the expected quality.
The mother of two children – four sons Jagger and two daughters Phoenix – asked the court to clarify Horne’s lack of ownership in the swimsuit series, as well as the losses caused by her alleged complaints.

In his lawsuit, Horne claimed that the business was divided into one-third – between himself, Dolly and Paul – and he took out about $205,000 to start a business. (The source told TMZ that the couple denied taking money from Horn.)
Horn told the court that Dolly and Paul refused to repay the money he had raised after selling the suit to make money.

On the company’s website, Dorit said her swimsuit line’s goal is “to be able to choose a supportive and simple top and a high waist or cheeky bottom.”

“Every woman is a canvas,” she said. “Every woman should be confident and confident in fashion. I am designing for each woman to find the right fit for her body and comfort.

Real Housewives in Beverly Hills will host the ninth season in Bravo later this year.

Patisserie Valerie crisis incited Luke Johnson’s business career

Luke Johnson gets his name by investing in some of the most ubiquitous brands on the high street – not to mention his millions of pounds of wealth.

According to the latest “Sunday Times” rich list, a recent series of investments – mostly in the catering industry – has accumulated 260 million pounds of wealth for him and become a success story for serial entrepreneurs.

Given that his share of the damaged pastry chain Patisserie Valerie was close to 165 million pounds a few days ago, a large part of this personal wealth is now hanging.

It was during his studies at Oxford University that Johnson and his friend Hugh Osmond began to like business and the two continued to set up several small companies. After a brief collaboration with investment bank Kleinwort Benson, Johnson partnered with Osmond in 1983 to acquire Pizza Express for £8 million.
Together they transformed the company from a small fish with 12 stores into a national pizzeria that was listed on the stock market in 1999.

Johnson also opened the Signature Restaurants group, which is located in the Ivy and moules frites chain Belgo behind London’s upscale attractions, and later sold for £90 million. He also founded the Italian chain Strada and invested in competitors such as Giraffe and Tootsies. Earlier this year, after he entered the government, he was also one of the bidders of the Argentine steakhouse Gaucho.

The most recent investment was made through his private equity firm, Risk Capital Partners, which was founded in 2001. The company also holds a stake in a range of food businesses, including artisan bakeries at Feng Sushi and the bakery.

RCP also extends to other industries, including shares in Zoggs ladies swimming costume and Majestic Bingo, as well as 18 million pounds for companies with Brighton terminals. It is through RCP that Johnson owns a 37% stake in Patisserie Valerie and now it has become a worthless stake.

The potential failure of the chain will not be the first black mark he recorded as an investor. Johnson has served as a director of several failed companies, including Sunday Business, Utility Cable and Bookstore Borders, which opened in 2009.

But his success is enough. He is the fourth channel and chairman of the Royal Society of Arts. He also published a weekly column on the Sunday Times and provided business advice.

In September of this year, less than a month before Patisserie Valerie disclosed “maybe fraudulent” accounting irregularities, he prepared a list of warning signs in his column indicating fraud. He has been an outspoken critics of the European Union and has used his vast wealth to support the preparations for the EU referendum.

The Royal Air Force’s trauma nurses swept their legs in a skydiving and swimed for the UK at Invictus Games.

In a skydiving exercise, a military trauma nurse has competed for the Invictus Games competition from the struggle to break the legs.

The Royal Air Force Sergeant Sadi Merlin’s limbs “bend into strange angles” when they hit the ground at 60 mph. She works hard every day and doesn’t feel anything under her right knee – but he will compete like a swimmer.

Sgt Melling, 33, flew from Heathrow to Sydney with 71 other British players before the Olympics, which opened on Saturday.

She is taking a break from secondment to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where she is working with NHS medical staff to keep her prepared for future military operations.
The Merlin army will participate in the freestyle and breaststroke and the 50m and 100m races in the relay race. She will also become a tactician in the keel boat event held by two women and two men at Sydney Harbour.

She said that the Olympic training for Prince Harry in 2014 for the “injured warrior” helped to reduce leg pain and nerve pain and improve her walking.

Her pool meeting took place at Headley Court near Epsom, where she recovered and sailed at Weymouth and Portland Olympic venues.

After the accident in 2011, the Merlin army spent a week in a Spanish hospital before returning home on an empty stomach. She was transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, where she had treated soldiers wounded in Afghanistan.
Most of her recovery was inspired by the determination of other patients, who later worked at Headley Court, “give back what she got”.

She described her call to the team as “unbelievable” and said she found that she had finished cutting at the end of last month. She participated in 15 training camps this year, making her legs stronger.

She described her skydiving drama, she said: “I am in the process of forming a sky diving qualification, it is really a lot of wind, about 17 knots, and very dusty my parachute opened, but I have blown away, to 60 The mile/hour speed hit a fence.

“My legs are broken, they are completely curved into a strange angle, this is surreal. This is hidden damage… My left leg is too short, my right leg nerve is damaged So I don’t feel the legs below the knees, I got a lot of nerve pain and pain. If I don’t move, my legs will swell to twice the size.”

She added: “I hope that my game in Sydney will make people realize that they can overcome adversity. I am really excited, and my parents are the same.”

The British Invictus Games swimming team is supported by Speedo, the official swimming suits for ladies supplier that started on October 20.

Stand out in eco-friendly swimwear and beautify the earth

Stand out in eco-friendly swimming suits for ladies and beautify the earth
At last! You should be in the sea, you can get involved, because a South Florida company is turning the bottle into a swimsuit.

The appearance is different and the materials are different, because this is a different kind of swimsuit.

Michael Szklaver: “Mavrans is a collection of clothing made from recycled water bottles. We increase the elasticity, so it’s very comfortable. We have a fun Miami print that will make you the focus of the party.”

That’s right: recyclable swimwear!

We checked the poolside of the beautiful Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club on Collins Avenue.

It turns out that recycled plastic can easily become a swimsuit.

Michael Szklaver: “Once they melt, they will stretch into it. Then we print it and cut it.”

Extensibility is key because, as they say: it is important to feel comfortable during swimming.

This is the saying, right?

Gabriella Souzima, model: “It feels like hugging my body. Not all my swimsuits are in this shape, so I really appreciate this material.”

Fabio Furones, model: “It stretches perfectly, especially around the thighs and arms. So I think this is the perfect swimsuit.”

When it comes to different styles, they all have one theme: Miami.

Michael Szklaver: “They combine tropical prints like pineapples and flamingos. This is the art of decoration. We incorporate that look.”

Gabriella Souzima: “This is very unique, very Miami, South Florida, South Beach. If you take part in a pool party, you will definitely stand out.”

Each piece (top or bottom) is $79.

This is not only the price of personal beauty, but also the price of keeping the earth beautiful.

Fabio Furones: “Who doesn’t want to look good when they are environmentally friendly?”

In fact, this is just a preview of the women’s swimsuit. They will be listed in a few weeks.

Alesha Dixon celebrates her 40th birthday with a swimsuit

Alesha Dixon started her 40th birthday celebration, and the all in one swimsuit womens filmed “Capture the essence of intenseness and vitality”.

The “British Daren” judges acknowledged through the social media platform that the month leading up to important days was “sentimental”, but she has learned to be more excited about the future.

She uploaded a trailer about the swimwear editorial and a frank title with Instagram [sic]: “I did a film two days before my 40th birthday to capture the feeling of intensity and vitality, not frustration and old!”
“The emotions that were born in my birthday are full of challenges for a number of reasons, but I have to say that now I have turned this important corner, I feel great! I feel relaxed and excited about the future!” “Pre-Mis-Teeq The singer wrote.

“It’s very important to change the shame and concept in my own mind first, think of those who are unfortunate and those who are not fortunate enough to see their 40th birthday. We must show up and pay attention to the blessings that really embrace us. I count every day. mine!”

In the image, Dixon shot a khaki thigh swimsuit with gold jewelry to complete the look.

Unsurprisingly, the fans quickly accepted this post and praised the TV judges because her posts were refreshing.
Someone wrote, “You can’t put it better, congratulations on your success in every way #keeppushingforward, this is the only way.”

Another added: “It makes sense! I am 40 years old next year, I hope to have this feeling!”

Although a large number of her followers expressed her expression with a compliment, they shared their suspicions at her age.

“You can’t be 40 years old, you don’t seem to be over 25 years old,” one wrote.

Another comment said: “You look amazing. I don’t know if you are over 40 years old! I understand the emotions around “the era” – I am almost there. But I really believe that we must ignore this number. And focus on nourishing our mind, body and spirit.”

Louise Redknapp reveals a sultry swimsuit

Louise Redknapp reveals a sultry bathing suit cover ups

In recent months, Strictly Come Dancing siren has been enjoying a considerable return and decided to reinvigorate her solo career.

We must say that since she returned to the music industry, the brunette beauty Louise Redknapp has always looked better than ever.

The two moms are also more active on social media, drowning us with some very fashionable outfits, keeping us in sync with her latest tricks.

This 43-year-old stunner feels like usual, because she shared her official Instagram account and shared herself in some unexpected sunny weather in the UK.
This timeless female singer wears a black bikini top with gold details and looks happy and relaxed while lying on a sun lounger.

It seems that she has given up on makeup, Louis – who broke up with her husband Jamie Redknapp last year – showed her glorious smile as she smiled at the camera with a sullen smile.

At the same time, the beauty – she is currently rumored to follow her body single – with the help of some oversized sunglasses, her caramel lock on her face.

She said in a shameless voice: “I have been diving into the sun for an hour before the sixth song.”
We are not surprised that Louis needs to take some time out of the busy schedule, she is now a super busy lady.

Earlier this month, she revealed that she would star in a musical created by Dolly Parton’s musical West End, which was completed 9 to 5.

She will play the role of the protagonist Violet Newstand, which was previously part of Parton’s role in the feature film.

She will star in the island champion Abu Davis and she will also make her debut in the West End.
Therefore, it is not surprising that the date is not high on her agenda.

In an interview with Mirror, Louis admitted that she is currently not interested in dating anyone.

“I am very happy. It’s all very good,” she told the publication.

“I am working hard and enjoying the boys. My children, my children, that’s it!”

She added: “No one is trying to get me with anyone. I am too busy.”

Why exactly do you need Belle Lucia x PrettyLittleThing Swimwear Editor

Why exactly do you need Belle Lucia x PrettyLittleThing Swimwear Editor
Summer swimwear is here, it is also very cheap.
PrettyLittleThing only knows how to promote collaboration. They have worked with Maya Jama, Karl Kani, Olivia Culpo and of course Kourtney Kardashian.

The brand recently launched the Ashley Graham collection, and now they are ready for a new partnership, waiting for you to join the shopping cart.

The series works with insta-babe, Belle Lucia. She is an international model, native to Australia. She actually worked with PrettyLittleThing and created her own collection of clothing. However, now the team is back together and brings you a perfect ladies swimming costume collection.
The editor contains some of the most exotic swimwear styles we’ve seen, and we’ve dug them out. There is one, two pieces and even clothing for you to fall in love with. It doesn’t just stick to a color scheme. You will be able to get a variety of brown, nude and burgundy. You’ll also find some gorgeous summer prints and bright colors such as olive green and bright red.

We are not the only one who has completely tapped this series because many fans have commented on Belle’s post on Instagram. “I really like the whole series, you look great as always,” one user wrote. “I think you look great, and your swimsuit is great,” another commented. “Well, swimsuits are more of what I need,” one wrote. To be honest, we agree to all of the above.

The range of sizes is 4-16, so you can find things that fit a variety of shapes and sizes. Most importantly, PrettyLittleThing has been known for its affordable price, but it also offers a 50% discount (not including promotions), so you can really get good news!

Liz Hurley breaks the thermometer with a tight-fitting swimwear: “The hottest woman in Hollywood”

The black hair bomb may be a mature age of 53 years old, but Liz Hurley still undeniably smokes, and she certainly is not afraid to show off it.

Whether she is wearing some tight-fitting clothing (almost as iconic as the safety pin number) or flashing her body in her own Liz Hurley swimsuit design, the Royal Actress definitely gets it.

And ”it’ means endless enthusiasm.

This week, her official Instagram account was released. For the star, this is business as usual, because she once again deprived another popular hot monitor.
Liz squeezed her fabulous figure into a white swimming suits for ladies with almost no shoulders in her collection, and Liz showed her curves in their glory.

Austin Powers’ star – Enjoy high-profile romance with other actor Hugh Grant and former Australian international cricket ace Shane Warne – let her sweet caramel lock on her shoulder.

At the same time, the beauty shocked her favorite combination of smoky eyes and bare lips.

She added a title to this seductive song: “My new work on @tagomagoisland. #comingsoon @elizabethhurleybeach.”
There is no doubt that Liz fans are very happy with this playful photo, almost in the comment section of it, and shower it with some serious love.

One user wrote: “Wow, you are incredibly amazing.”

The second admirer exclaimed: “Hollywood’s hottest woman!”

And another follower: “Oh, my God, you are absolutely sensational.”
The last fan said: “You are just incredibly amazing, I swear you will never age!”

Shortly after her hosted coffee morning support for Macmillan’s cancer support, Leeds’ latest news came out.

This reason is undoubtedly her heart, who lost her grandmother in 1992 after undergoing double mastectomy.

CHROMAT’s new swimwear collection is for those who like to wear a swimsuit

CHROMAT’s new swimwear collection is for those who like to wear a womens high waisted bikini
For those of us who have a close relationship with swimwear, this huge T-shirt is a precious summer must-have, a cover on the beach or by the pool – all of which can rest or even swim.

Chromat’s new swimwear collection debuted at New York Fashion Week last Friday (September 7th) to celebrate this blessed T-shirt. The series called “Saturation” is inspired by wet T-shirts. It’s not the kind in the wet t-shirt competition at the beach bar, but because you don’t have the mood to strip most of the nude and do small ass.

“We want to start the experience of hiding under a giant T-shirt at the pool party,” wrote the description of the series, “and made it a proudly dressed outfit.”

The series is 3X in size and larger in size, including a range of scuba style swimwear and separation, cover and sun hats, designed in collaboration with the hatmaker Eugenia Kim. Of course, there are T-shirts.
The collection is the brainchild of designer and former architect Becca McCharen-Tran, the founder of the swimming and sportswear brand. McCharen-Tran works at the intersection of technology and fashion, and is known for using 3D printed clothing technology and creating anamorphic bras, all of which are tailored for a variety of different bodies.
The same innovation is reflected in McCharen-Tran’s runway: In addition to design, Chromat is also the most inclusive show of Fashion Week. This latest series – like all the labels on the show – is one of the most diverse actors of the week. According to female giant Mobilegirl DJ, these models include sex educators and breast cancer survivors Ericka Hart; bloggers and amputees MamaCãx; and trans model Maya Mones.