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5 Fashionable Items to Look and Feel like A Boss

Hey, it’s 2021! It is a new year, new life. We learned from the previous year that life is too short. Do not be afraid to show off your outer side to the world. When selecting fashion items, we are all looking for a new fashion statement with authority, command, and respect. In the second half of the 1970s, it is often called a Power dressing. It allows you to express the position you have in the clothes you wear.

It is necessary to dress appropriately, especially if you are in a corporate world, a company environment, or even work from home. You need to wear clothes that scream professional and elegant without trying too hard. To help you make your style attainable and look like the very best version of yourself each day. Let me share with you the five fashion items to help you look and feel like a boss.


Blazers have become suitable for formal occasions. It is a powerful outfit in your closet. There are a lot of types of it comes in different styles, fabrics, or colors depending on your unique way.

Sleeveless tops, blouses, t-shirts, turtlenecks, and dresses are perfect to pair inside your blazers. It can be flexible. It is ideal clothing to dress up for work, in summer, and even in casual style. You can also pair it well with jeans this can easily alter to an attire that you are aiming to attain. It can be your wardrobe savior in your closet!


Individuals can choose an enormous variety of bags according to their wants. But for me, the best bags for your office needs are satchel bags. This is a commonly used bags for carrying a vast item such as laptops files and books. It has a strap that worn diagonally crosses the body, the bag hangs opposite the hips. It is more suitable than any other type of bag because it’s lightweight. It is a well-known bag for a working woman. Plus, it is very stylish fits best for your total boss look!


In the past decade, wearing High heeled shoes symbolizing high social structure, a fashionable taste that makes you appear taller. But today, wearing high heels shoes makes a woman feel confident and stylish. It can make you walk more charismatic and delicate plus man can easily notice you. It can also make your feet look slender. Although sometimes it can be risky and can sore your feet that cause struggling in walking. But still many women selected it, because they can look, lovely, desirable, and even fashionable woman like a boss!


In the mid 1950’s-1960’s, these pants were well liked by the celebrities like Aubrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. These pants are narrow, straight type that you look extraordinary to match regardless of occasions.  It fit with everybody shape that you have whether it is a rectangular or a pear shape figure. In fact, Cigarette pants are in craze apparel for women now adays. It has a variety of colors and patterns that you can choose.  Surely you will select a pair of it in your closet!


This slim-fitting skirt with a straight narrow cut will make you look conservative without looking too wrapped up. It can give you a smart and astonishing look. A pencil-cut skirt is proper for a business environment.

You can hide your belly fat with this skirt by choosing loose clothes and a one-color blouse and shirts. Though for some of us, it is awkward to wear because it limits the movement, you can only take short steps with it and it controls posture because sitting in it requires a leg together. It can be worn by anyone anytime. If you want an impressive look like a boss, try wearing this!

If you are still pursuing a position you want, or you’re already your boss, feel your hard work by expressing it through clothes! We need to select an appropriate product that will you achieve an overall boss look of the year. I hope these concepts might assist you in deciding on some items you should choose. As the previous year taught us, we should get out there, do what we love, and wear what makes us happy. We should live unending by putting on a dress that brings us sparks and happiness. Let us dress to impress, and this will mark people’s outlook on you!


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