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A convincing crochet needle for making a swimsuit trademark

In the past few seasons, the crochet has been on the runway many times, proving that the style of 70s has a lasting strength in 2018. She made me admire the swimwear manufacturer in Australia fashion brand, trying to use Crochet’s latest collection, “wild flower”, Bikinis night club and featured Crochet ready made clothing, with the brand’s post-modern aesthetic line.

It has been three years since its design and manufacture. The founder of the brand, Chloe Dunlop, has a “slow fashion” method, valuable technology, and does not exploit the manufacturing process of workers.

“Our design process is focused on creating an eternal style in their attractiveness, so we don’t need to rush to the market,” she told the mall. Each hook hand hook, our design needs to be considered carefully, because if a change is needed, the entire garment needs to be solved and restarted from zero. ”

The purpose of the event is to arrange the time of the international women’s day, with the emphasis on giving women power the central spirit of the brand. Our design gives women power, whether it’s the clothes that women wear or the pieces made by women, “Dunlop said.

See the activities followed by pretty-as-a-picture for the wild flower special, and the shops are gathered here.

swimwear manufacturer

swimwear manufacturer


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