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Amphibious dressing: how swimwear became daywear

First of all, it is underwear as a coat. It’s time to wear your swimming cossie to work because the heat waves are back.
Amphibious … Topshop, Zara and Tooshie swimwear
 Amphibious … Topshop, Zara and Tooshie swimwear. Photograph: Guardian design team/Guardian

Fashion likes to wear old things in new ways. This is where the coach is in the front row, how the Ikea Frakta bag goes from the racing boots to the T-stage, and how to wear a dress to slide into the Céline Spring 2016 collection.

But it rarely encourages you to prolong the wear and tear of what you already have. However, these are moments of despair. We cannot and should not continue to buy new clothes just because of the weather. If last weekend’s rains brought mixed floods and respite, it also gave us time to prepare for the second wave. Because the new rule of hot horror is coming soon! And this time we need to be prepared – so get ready to wear a swimsuit as a day wear.

Julie Pelipas in swimwear in Paris.
 Julie Pelipas wearing a swimsuit in Paris this summer. Photograph: Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

Unlock this trend, if you are on vacation, you may be doing it, it sounds simpler than it sounds. On the one hand, the design of the swimsuit is both wet and hot, because most of the sweat does not appear. While this is not an office trend, the title is misleading stupidity: fashion writers talk a lot about day and night wearing (how to wear a temperature drop instead of bringing a whole set of extra work). The amphibious dress is only worn from the street to the street.

The scrolling of evidence has been very convincing. Topshop recommends wearing a textured swimsuit that goes beyond the beach. Cossie + Co is a newly established brand that sells a fitted one-piece swimsuit in adult colors and is also “not suitable for the beach.” At the same time, Zara’s white swimsuit is designed with a pencil skirt and is suitable for meeting rooms.

The latest fashion blog Man Repeller claims that Vogue Ukrainian fashion director Julie Pelipas wears a “swimsuit-like top” and loose pants called “the perfect dress for the summer.” In a recent article, the New York Times recommended a new collaboration between Staud and Solid & Striped and Levi’s jeans with the best-selling swimsuit. Then came Alexa Chung, who posted a swimsuit and denim skirt on Instagram Stories last Friday. The title was: “Swimwear is the only choice for work clothes.” When Chung is normalized, it usually stays.

Marni spring 2018, at Milan fashion week 2017.
 Marni’s spring 2018 collection, at Milan fashion week 2017. Photograph: REX/Shutterstock

Maybe we can see it appear after Marni “overlays” the shape of the swimsuit on the dress in its current collection. We’ve seen a version of underwear before, underwear is worn as a coat, and the trend of exploration by Rihanna and Beyoncé has become so common that it now has its own Wikipedia page. Wearing a swimsuit as a top may be an extension of this.

If the idea of wearing a swimsuit to the store sounds ridiculous, then you may want to reconsider your swimsuit. There is no reason why you can’t wear a bra under certain brands, although many have some built-in support. Many swimwear – including this week’s popular Topshop orange-red ribbed pieces and Hunza G’s – are made from thick chiffon fabric. Hungza G’s creative director, Georgiana Huddart, said that this is “more durable than some of the basics you have on the street.”

Cossieco, Poppy in midnight blue
 Cossieco’s Poppy in midnight blue

Huddart said she has seen the company’s swimsuit “taking on a diverse new role – wearing as much as possible on the beach.” Natascha Wittgenstein, the founder of the new Swedish brand Tooshie, agreed (although she prefers the term “multitasking” when she talks about wearing her at night). Still, they still think this is an era of textured swimsuits. As Huddart said: “Swimwear doesn’t just mean that.”

These are the strange moments of the swimsuit. Although Love Island has ruined their essence (this year’s swimmers have enough silhouettes to trigger repeated phobias), after the Miss America beauty contest announced that it would eliminate the most controversial aspects of the game, the most recent work was Review. : Swimsuit round.

If underwear continues to be a battleground for primitive sexual behavior, it is time to let swimwear take on a new role.


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