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Five, the Hongkong swimwear brand is a blend of fashion, sustainability and affordability

With international clients of foreigners, tourists and travelers of the locals, friendly business tax systems, world-class infrastructure and neighboring China and Nanyang manufacturing centers, Hong Kong is a good place to start a fashion business. In the hot, sunny weather, six months of the year, living in the beach, garbage boats and swimming pool lifestyle, where can better launch swimsuit brand?

In recent years, some local swimsuit brand began to start. One of them was mint escaped by Hong Kong resident Diana Vo and her friend Anna Biller launched in March of this year.

“In Hong Kong, it means that there are a variety of private label swimwear manufacturers swimsuit in your closet that is a long summer fashion that is smart for ladies in Hong Kong,” Vo said.swimwear-manufacturer-China

How young Hong Kong designers are turning their hands on clothing

Both women have experience in finding and developing collections for international apparel brands and their own brands before they start a company. For them, the “mint voice” is to create a reasonable swimsuit, it will not compromise on the quality and style, but to maintain the trend of fashion under the premise.

They also stressed the mix and separation of the game, they found a gap in the market. “It finds a lifestyle shop with complex and modern swimsuit in Hong Kong where you can mix and match the size and style that is almost impossible according to your size,” Biller said.

Petra Greening is the founder of the swimsuit brand and the founder of Shek O, who also had a fashion design career before the release of the trademark in 2013. She does not want a reasonable price in Hong Kong, finds fashion swimsuit and decides to create a series of stylish Bikinis nightclubs with minimal aesthetic.

“I do not want my swimsuit to feel like wearing my consumer,” Greening said. “I wanted to create some timeless and classic beautiful low-key colors instead of a typical summer palette.”

She explained that the hollow swimsuit also has the elements of sustainable development. “With the big rubbish, water sports and the beach going to the community we’ve been in Hong Kong, I noticed that the ocean is our dear Hong Kong people. It is very important that I have come to create as little waste as possible so I created a reusable The bag, my swimsuit is not a one – time use of non – recyclable plastic packaging.

Another focus on protecting the oceans in Hong Kong is to go beyond the basic swimsuit brand, launched by actor, TV host, model Jocelyn Sandstrom earlier this year by Kickstarter. She and her husband Anthony use Italian pure nylon material called econyl, which is made up of recycled fishing nets and rugs, making your own elegant and sustainable Bikinis nightclubs.

“I am passionate about the earth and green life, so I think it is perfect to combine the two,” she said. “If we do not protect and take care of our oceans, we will not have a beautiful ocean to swim.” Both go hand in hand. ”

Adam Raby, Hong Kong’s men’s swimsuit brand Matsu’s founder, also highlights the marine protection. In particular, he wanted to raise the awareness of the Indian Pacific Humpback Dolphin, or the Chinese White Dolphin, which – due to overfishing and pollution – there are still 60 waters around Hong Kong.

“In order to raise awareness of their plight of survival, we created the Indian Pacific Humpback, Linge, our shorts for Tai O and Pearl River’s model,” Raby said. From each of these shorts sold to Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society.

Raby launched its own brand in the 2014 show Asian inspired luxury holiday after wearing the world to note that the men’s private label swimwear manufacturers based on the Asian market gap. He is currently working on the use of sustainable materials such as recycled fabric blends and bamboo for the upcoming design.

“Sustainable buying is a long time, and that’s why sustainability is not cheap,” he said. “It is important for me to be how Matsu as a company’s carbon footprint and responsibility to maintain our environment.”

Hong Kong’s e-commerce brand, Grana, has just begun to compete in the swimwear manufacturer China, adding to men and women’s design, which is in June. Brand, founded in 2013, based on the requirements of consumers from the 3000 active, the formation of “granalab” decision, sharing and feedback network.

Grana is by selling high-quality fabrics directly to consumers disrupting the traditional retail model. In the swimwear category, it has maintained two to three times the original, six to eight times higher than the traditional retail price.

Men’s works made of special blend of blends called “Taiwan Science and Technology”, are smooth, lightweight and fast dry. The woman’s work is made of a material called “Italian sensitive”, which is known for its fast drying ability, ultra-smooth touch and “second skin”.

“We looked at the high-end brands of mid-market prices and fabrics, [we] from the source of high-quality fabrics,” said Brand founder and CEO Luke Grana. “We reduce the market cost by 20 30%, into the sweet spot of our millennial customers.”


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