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Bigcommerce announces 2017 Innovation swimwear manufacturer Award Winners

BigCommerce leading business platform Austen – Business Wire in Texas for rapid development and maturity of the swimwear manufacturer brand announced the 2017 BigCommerce innovation award winners today, the award is an international contest, designed to recognize outstanding achievements of e-commerce innovation. The award-winning brands include Andie Swim, Beer Cartel, Bob Johnson and computer supplies serious silly socks, in hundreds of visionary talent shows itself in development swimwear manufacturer projects, promote growth opportunities, solve business challenges, and provide excellent customer experience in addition to the traditional online retail. Digital e-commerce agent brand lab has also been recognized as an innovator of the annual large business organizations.

BigCommerce chief product officer Jimmy Duvall said: “this year’s winners show that innovation is far beyond a single web site factor. Each brand will interpret the meaning of innovation for a particular audience, and tailor its marketing, product and customer experience according to these specific needs. The result is a group of Web sites that cause brand loyalty, encourage website switching, and promote repeat purchases. ”

BigCommerce innovation award winners from technology, market and the retail industry leaders, including BigCommerce Jimmy Duvall PayPal chief product officer, senior director of the North American market Jill Rose; StoreYourBoard Michael Leff, vice president of Technology Innovation Award winner, 2016; sumo group chief sumo Noah Kagan; speaker and best-selling author Bryan Web, co-founder of Profits Eisenberg; Sujan Patel; ContentSolutions.io Empire Growth Group founder Shane Barker; founding partner of Drew Sanocki DigitalMarketer CEO Ryan Deiss.

Finalists rated four criteria – project scope, technical achievements, business impact and creative implementation of the BigCommerce platform – winners were divided into the following categories:

Grand prize: serious silly socks. Known for its specially designed sock boxes, serious silly socks require an automated way to allow customers to choose the right socks to include in their custom gift boxes. The UK based company, in collaboration with Cart Designers, has developed a gift box generating tool that not only simplifies the customer’s sock selection process, but also simplifies the back-end performance process, saves time and improves service accuracy.

Customer experience: Bob Johnson’s computer things. By using real-time chat, real-time pricing updates and selection of help, the refurbished, rugged laptop seller turns complex purchase process into a guided experience. Judges like Bob Johnson’s ability to think like a client, and make it possible to solve specific problems in the search experience.

Product innovation: Andy swimming swimwear manufacturer. Andie Swim, a direct consumer oriented swimsuit retailer, aims to repair the broken process of swimming clothes shopping by providing “first try buy later” shopping experience. Andie Swim creates a product experience that goes far beyond the product itself by providing a carefully selected one-piece swimsuit, creating its own box function and the ability to try it out at home.

Marketing Innovation: beer cartel. An online hand beer retailer in Sydney, Australia, Beer Cartel uses coupons and custom content combinations to increase swimwear manufacturer brand awareness of consumers and industry professionals, and finds ways to turn engagement into income. The brand’s innovative approach to industry thinking leadership has increased website traffic by 100%, and online revenue has increased by 34% over the same period.

Agent innovator: brand labs. BigCommerce design and Solution Partner Brand Lab won the first institutional innovator Award for its work on Autograph Foliage, a leading swimwear manufacturer of artificial leaves. Brand labs manage Autograph Foliage to migrate to BigCommerce, and help implement discount tools, allowing customized services for hierarchical clients, thus increasing revenues and transactions by 40%.

“As an online sock retailer, our success depends on our ability to create field experience, both of which force our customers to buy and differentiate our brands in the crowded market,” says Andrew Gill, a serious sock boss.. “If not the powerful toolkit provided by BigCommerce, these are not possible, so we are honored to be allowed to use this platform to make our brand vision live in ways that are effective for both buyers and sellers.

The BigCommerce innovation award aims to identify online sales brands through the BigCommerce platform to identify unique ways to address product, marketing, swimwear manufacturer, and customer experience challenges. All statistics related to the winning website are reported by the participants themselves.

About BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the world’s leading cloud computing e-commerce platform for fast growing businesses. BigCommerce combines enterprise functionality, open architecture and application ecosystem, and swimwear manufacturer market leading capabilities, enabling businesses to expand to tens of millions of online sales with a fraction of the cost and complex deployment software. BigCommerce customers include more than 50 thousand small and medium enterprises, more than 2000 mid end market enterprises, annual sales of more than 1 million U.S. dollars, 15 Fortune 1000 companies, 25 Internet retailers, 1000 enterprises, and a wide range of B2B and B2C categories of leading brands and retailers.


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