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Swimwear manufacturer Australia cuts contact sponsor Speedo swimwear

For 60 years, they’ve always loved vegetables and toast or Christmas and beaches, but now Australia’s swimwear manufacturer most famous partner is breaking up.

Australia announced yesterday that the official relationship with Speedo, the swimming swimwear manufacturer, will end in December 31st. The company announced next month that it will launch a new swimsuit sponsorship, which is expected to be held in Italy.

Speedo company, founded in Australia, but now is the British company Pentland Group subsidiary, headquartered in Nottingham, has been the official national swimming team sponsored swimsuit since the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games and the Australian Olympic swimmer for dates back to 1920s.

But in the 1956 game, Dawn Fraser let the Australian team splash, Murray Rose and their teammates won all the freestyle races, evolved into a global brand Speedo.

Since then, the success of the two organizations has been inextricably linked. Olympic gold medalist John Devitt, who is part of the Melbourne team, mourns the lost partners?. “I’m disappointed that it happened because the Australian swimwear manufacturer had been wearing it for one hundred years, but I think it’s a business decision,” Devitt, the former Australian president said swimming. “They get along very well with each other. Our athletes always have the best suits and the 56 teams to wear Speedo’s fast lane international. Then Americans chose them for the 1960 olympics.

Speedo still sponsors the Australian Olympic team’s official swimwear until at least 2028 signed for 12 years later this year. However, in the next year’s Budapest World Championships, Australian dolphins will be wearing different brands for the first time. Australia Commonwealth Games have not announced swimwear suppliers at the 2018 Games held in Gold Coast.

Individual athletes have swimwear trends down contracts, increasing the sponsorship of the national team and the value of Speedo seems to be far from the traditional international. Italy, replaced Speedo as the United States team sponsor.

By Horst Dassler (the son of the founder of Adidas) 1973, arena in Australia low-key, until eight years ago, when signing players including James Magnussen, Cate, Bronte Campbell, Emily Ximubo.

Speedo signed many of Australia’s most promising young players this year, including World Junior Champion Minna Atherton and Clyde Lewis.

Mark, chief executive of the Australian swimming team, said: “in the process of negotiation, we made clear the different priorities and moved in different directions, so we agreed to complete the sponsorship agreement.” Anderson, the Australian swimwear manufacturer team chief executive, said: “in the process of negotiation, we made clear the different priorities and moved in different directions.”


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