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It can work for Canadian geese, but how far can you do in Canada?

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Sun, sand and surfing are not three things we enjoy in Canada internationally. However, one of the hottest export we present is a mountain, a chic, upscale resort and swimwear, is completely in the design and swimwear manufacturer of Laval, Que.

Except in Montreal and Toronto flagship store, Hill boutique in Miami and Hampton, and the 65 of its revenue from more than 30 countries, Fran said let C OIS sigouin, vice president at Shan.

The clothes aren’t cheap – they run about 300 dollars per – but that’s the sort of problem, says Mr. Sigouin.

“The idea of a brand is to provide quality rather than quantity,” he said. The Laval swimwear manufacturer manufacturing and not in overseas production, the company took full control of its products. “We’re completely integrated from design to production to retail, because we have everything in the same building.”

Mister Sigouin says it costs more to make in canada. “You can’t imagine it,” he said Although the low profitability may be a challenge, “Canadian” brand engineering, for the mountains, Mr. Sigouin said, because the international buyers with swimsuits know that means quality.

He said: “some retailers only care about profits, they don’t care where the profits come from, but for the retailers who want to sell quality, they care.”

Last winter, I visited our major dealers, and I was in Russia, and I had the opportunity to ask you, when you sell mountain products, do you want us to outsource our products to you for better profits and better profits? They said, “no, it’s a reverse, giving us better quality products, not lower prices, because we have a lot of problems with other brands on the market.”

But is Canadian made brand a valuable selling point for Canadian companies, especially considering the additional cost of manufacturing?

Yes, David Soberman said, Professor of marketing at the Rotman School of management at University of Toronto. He said, “Canada” label may be to Canada’s image has a very good effect, such as wine, syrup or winter, but he pointed out that in the manufacturing sector, Canada actually is the most famous aircraft, train and car.

“Bombardier is the largest train swimwear manufacturer in the world and one of the largest aircraft manufacturers,” he said. Does Canada’s reputation have a big impact? In Canada, educated and highly mature, yes. For example, people feel that they are comfortable with Bombardier, negotiating deals, and they will get what they expect, which is why Bombardier is successful.

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This “Reliable, reliable Canadian reputation can give companies an advantage on the world stage,” says Dr. Soberman.

He said, “It’s going to be a minor consideration, so when the two products are considered very similar, Canadian swimwear manufacturer manufacturing can create an advantage.”

Melissa Aronczyk, associate professor at Rutgers University and the author of national brand communication and information of national identity in the global business, said Canada world view is positive, but these feelings tend to insist on.


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