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Body Shaper Guide: Choose the Right Shapewear for You

Welcome to Shapewear 101 – your ultimate guide to shapewear lingerie which is becoming more and more popular each season. We prepared a list of the most sought after and useful items so you can compare them and see how they work. This useful guide will definitely help you narrow down your choices and find the type of shapewear most suitable for your needs.

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We also prepared some expert styling tips and ideas to make it easier for you to shop for the right size and style. Keep reading!

1. Shaping Briefs & Shorts / High Waist Tummy Control Panties

Whether it’s briefs or plus size shapewear shaping shorts, a high waist is a very comfortable option as it shapes and smooths both your bottom and your mid-section. You can choose from several styles depending if you want to enhance your assets a bit or just make them look more toned and firm.

High Waist Shaping Shorts help to slim and smooth the lower half of your body while providing additional tummy control at the same time. Who wouldn’t like a perfectly smooth lower body with a defined waist?

2. Waist Cincher

While getting your waist cincher (and any other type of shapewear), it’s crucial to stick to your size.

When shopping for the right shapewear, don’t go down a size in an attempt to make your shapewear “do more” for you. This type of lingerie has already got shapeshifting properties to begin with. Getting the right size is really important as it will allow you to breath and feel comfortable as well as prevent your lingerie from rolling down.

3. Workout Waist Trainer or Shapewear Tank Top

Loverbeauty Adjustable Waist Trainer Vest With Hook

Irreplaceable items for a stylish and effective workout. Combine them with bright leggings for an extra Wow effect.

Loverbeauty Sauna Waist Trimmer Slimming Body Shaper

Depending on your needs, there is a huge selection of shaping options these days. Medium control helps to smooth any unwanted bumps and lines, while maximum control transforms your body giving you extra curves and definition. Try to experiment with all of them to see what suits you best! Your needs may vary depending on the occasion.

4. Tummy Control Bodysuit

Bodysuits are a great way to get control over your tummy but what you should look for as well are the combos. Find ways to mix and match your lingerie and create a perfect shapewear combo yourself.

Our favourite items are “one-stop shapewear” items: full bodysuits that work as both a bra and a tummy shaper and special tights with built-in thigh and tummy control.

You can also consider best tummy control panties and combine them with a control vest or top.

5. Full Bodysuit Slimming Shaper

Benefits of crotchless shapewear (pictured below) – it smooths and shapes the body underneath clothing as other shapewear does; it gives you full coverage and full confidence while remaining very comfortable to use.

Full bodysuit shaper is suitable for troubleshooting all areas above your waist and in some cases you can even skip wearing a bra as they have moulded cups built in. They also help to add some extra shape to your butt and firm your abdomen area. What else could you ask for?

We hope you enjoyed our short shapewear guide and found some useful tips for your next shopping trip. Good luck!

Loverbeauty High Waist Best Tummy Control Shaper Panty


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