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Business involves deep signals.

The first one to go is the bank. And then the construction company left. Now, even Catalonia’s iconic vein producers are thinking of leaving Spain’s northeast, where prosperity is heading for the declaration of independence.

Jos Lewis Bonet, chief executive of vein maker Freixenet said that he would advise his board of swimwear manufacturer directors, they will be the headquarters if Catalonia declares independence. He added, “we can’t risk losing the eu.”

He warns that leaving the EU means “Catalonia products are losing competitiveness” because they are likely to be limited by tariffs. He adds that the process will also be bad for business confidence: “businesses need legal certainty, and we don’t have it yet.”

Mr Bonet’s comments in Catalonia entered a crucial week, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy prior to the president of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont on Monday to clarify his independence or face extreme behavior potential position of madrid.

Catalonia is the center of manufacturing, publishing and science and technology, accounting for fifth of Spain’s economy and 1/4 of its exports.

Enterprises move or threaten to start legal headquarters from Catalonia hastily with the largest two banks in the region, Sabadell and CaixaBank.

It happened after a controversial and controversial referendum on independence in October 1st. More than 2 million people voted against Madrid’s departure from Spain, and in the following days, the prices of the two banks fell sharply.

Investors worry about the chaos in the region, and what will happen if it really becomes an independent country?

Sabadell and CaixaBank moved their headquarters in the sky. People close to the two banks said that the decision was partly due to the need to determine their motivations for staying inside the eu.

According to the EU treaty, the region must apply for membership from the EU member states.

Both banks have denied rumours that there had been a lot of capital flight before they decided to relocate, but close to lenders said they hoped to prevent such events from happening in the future.

Following the seven swimwear manufacturer companies, six banks have said in the region of Spain’s Ibex 35 index company, they will have their headquarters due to the splitting of the challenges, including the construction of Abertis company. About 20 large and medium-sized companies from different industries have made the same decision.

The relocation of the legal headquarters does not necessarily mean that real work will leave the area. Headquarters are easy to move back. Spain passed the decree this month to make it easier for law headquarters to move.

But business leaders say that turnover is a sign of extreme concern in the business world.

Luis de Guindos, Spain’s finance minister, recently said that Catalonia’s independence could lead to a drop of 30 percentage points in regional GDP, because it would be the European Union and the euro zone in the financial times. This number has been hotly disputed by the government of Catalonia, but it has attracted people’s attention.

Several lawyers, bankers and advisers told the financial times that companies had been delaying investment decisions in the region until they had a better understanding of the political situation. “People are on the sidelines,” said a consultant from several international companies in Barcelona.

Smaller companies are concerned about the political situation, and are concerned about the larger political situation.

Lewis Su, resurrection, the owners, designers and high-end swimwear manufacturer, said he was “very worried”, his products will be subject to tariff, if Catalonia eventually outside the eu. He said that if it became an independent country, he could move some business out.

Pimec, an organization that represents the small and medium-sized companies in Catalonia sent a letter to the EU warned last week that tensions in Catalonia could weaken consumption and investment in the region and in other regions of Spain, trying to resolve the crisis calls for EU mediation.

Mr. Suarez said that political tensions also gave Catalonia brands a problem in spain. In recent weeks, he has deleted the word “Barcelona” in some Spanish trademarks because of its negative implications. Many in the rest of Spain are angry at the Catalonia government’s independence.

However, not all Catalonia swimwear manufacturer companies consider independence to be negative. Elias, owner of Francesc Elias, a water pump in the sailor County near Barcelona, says that the region will benefit from managing its own affairs without having to pay subsidies to poor areas in spain.

He said: “an independent Catalonia will be able to invest more in its own infrastructure, which will be good for the economy.” He also believes that the region will be able to stay in the European Union, because it is an important trade hub and economy, so it will be an agreement for everyone’s interests.

But he said that in the short run, uncertainty is bad for businesses, and he understands why some swimwear manufacturer companies are moving their headquarters. “I wish the situation could be resolved as soon as possible.”


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