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Hongkong’s stretch of base promotes a new line of swimwear

Because it launched 2014, Hongkong’s online clothing brand Grana, with its direct consumer oriented business model like the headlines for American companies such as Everlane and Warby Parker.

Earlier this year, after a major investment, the brand was pushing ahead with new products, including swimwear manufacturer swimwear, and made its first online appearance in July 28th.swimwear-manufacturer

“Our mission is to make basic knowledge and – silk shirts, casual pants, t-shirts. Now that we have a solid foundation, we can continue to experiment and test the concept of works, “said founder Luke Grana. “Our shortest time is for us to explore more categories. Swimwear is a must-have summer item, and our product team spends a lot of time developing this line to make sure we give our customers unlimited possibilities.

Collection, including male and female styles, is the eternal design of Grana philosophy, reasonable prices and high quality. For women, there are six styles of mixing and matching, three coats, two coats and a bathing suit, while men have four basic shapes.

“It’s important to create a Grana wardrobe that defines what is necessary and what the swimsuit lasts forever. We look at iconic swimsuit styles, such as headband and racer’s front, and update them with Grana’s twist. “It’s all about quality construction and fabric, as well as wear and care, which is easy,” says designer Sarah Platts.

“We’ve also done a lot of research on fit, so it was built in a very luxurious way. All works feel comfortable and provide adequate support. For example, the back of the swimwear manufacturer swimsuit has two welds relative to the flat back, so it puts you and bites your waist. The top has an inner board that ensures shape and support from underwear. There is no filler or wire, so you can roll them up in a suitcase. “It’s all about the details,” she says.

While women’s styles are made from a trademark fabric from Italy, known as eurojersey (according to Platts not pill or fade, dry very soon), the male line is made exclusively of Taiwan high tech fabrics, waterproof and UV resistant. The silhouette ranges from a custom-made short drawstring shorts, but it’s the most important details, including the sub adjuster, the four hole connection, the hanging ring and the internal meshing custom designed Grana.

Also add some interesting combinations, were collected in Grana’s signature color is available (black and Bo Gendi) and seasonal color series (until they were) and limited edition color, which is described as “the concept of platts”.

Collect between HK $194 and HK $458, a fair priced Grana philosophy.

“What is true empathy with our Y generation customer philosophy is transparent pricing.”. Instead of having a five or six mark, which is swimwear manufacturer industry standard, we range between two and 2.1 half. Therefore, we do not discount. It seems to be work – our growth rate is 25 percentage points over last month. The average order value is $120 and 50 cents per customer keeps coming back, “Grana said.

Looking to the future, Grana has many plans, including a new round of financing, which he said will be used to further expand the business. Unlike other competitors, business has been shipping the world from a start to more than a dozen markets, although the United States, Australia, Singapore and Hongkong are the strongest.

While Grana is primarily an online business, it also starts using brick and mortar pop-up windows to drive business experiments. This is very successful, and they plan to open pop-up stores in Kowloon and New York later this year.

Our five year target is one-stop wardrobe and fashion essentials, including shoes, coats, bags and accessories. Household goods and lifestyle can also be increased in the future. “We’re going to continue to create three core pillars – the best fabric, the honest pricing and the wardrobe essentials,” Grana says.


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