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DW Bracelet, Every Girl Should Have

When it comes to choosing the right jewelry, it all comes to personal taste. There are people that love to wear minimal to no jewelry. To the ones that wear them in moderation and of course the ones that love wearing a lot of pieces, and that are also very showy.

Finding the right bracelet and in general, the right piece of jewelry has a lot to do with your style. Some bracelets become one with their owners to the point they don’t ever take them off.

You can wear big chunky bracelets or minimal slimmer ones. It will be ok depending on the outfit you’re wearing, the other bracelets, or watch you always wear (your arm candy). You can wear as many bracelets as you want or just one and just your watch and you’ll be looking fine.

One brand that not only does not only offers magnificent and very fashionable watches for men and women, and also cute matching bracelets is Daniel Wellington or also known as DW.

The brand was created when the founder, met an old British gentleman with an impeccable style that liked to wear his old watches with old NATO straps. The name of this gentleman, Daniel Wellington, and of course his style and his love for NATO straps was the inspiration for brands and watches.

When it comes to their jewelry range, they offer you rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. They are all beautifully crafted and are very elegant and have great quality. You can adorn your wrist with their timeless bracelets. Their collection, not only reflects elegance and quality but also the core values of the brand.

They currently have 5 different bracelet models. They are the following: Elan Unity, Elan, Classic, Emalie Slim and Emalie. Any of these bracelets will create great arm candy and of course, will match perfectly with any of the beautiful Daniel Wellington watches.

The Elan Unity bracelet does symbolize a singular link between the two. It is a testimony of two that became a pair, and it is definitively a timeless reminder of that on your wrist. It is designed to be worn every day to make a delicate statement.

The Elan Bracelet is perfect to stack with the Classic bracelet. It has a bold allure, very eye-catching too, that perfectly represents the impeccable craftmanship of Daniel Wellington’s designs.

The Classic bracelet was designed to reflect the captivative appeal of the brand’s minimalistic watches. It has a casual yet tasteful allure, that perfectly represents the impeccable craftmanship of Daniel Wellington’s designs.

The Email bracelet has been crafted with the perfect and of course, the right balance of stainless steel and enamel. It can effortlessly be paired with any piece of the Email collection. Such a great daily essential that will help elevate your look.

The Emalie Slim bracelet reflects the same elegant design as the Emalie bracelet but it has a slightly slender figure. With the brand’s logo engraved in the bracelets profile, it is crafted with the perfect balance of stainless steel and plated with refined rose gold and enamel.


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