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Free Bella: the price of a sustainable swimwear is reasonable

When Francesca Lagudi was in school, she started her fashionable swimwear line, called Free Bella, two years ago.

At Italian, Free Bella means “the beauty of freedom”, which is the inspiration behind the label. Lagudi wants a free and easy feeling of her swimwear, so she uses seamless stuff, without hardware.

She also wants unpolluted environment to determine that all her fabrics will be sustainable, and her collection will be made in Losangeles.

“I think I have always loved nature, especially the ocean. I can’t think of a more suitable product category to promote sustainable development,” said the Australian native, after he graduated from Losangeles design and Business Research Institute, he studied product design and business management. We use polyester plastic bottles recycled. Traditionally, polyester is made from oil. Finding these ecological materials for our use is an interesting discovery. ”

Lagudi is used to regenerate nylon from econyl and turns to nylon yarn with fishermen’s fishing nets and other items. Her collection of spring and summer 2018 will also use dead fabrics.

First of all, Lagudi is in Huntington Beech, Calif. people ask her to dress, but this is actually a time-consuming driver, so she found other sources in downtown Losangeles from her old neighborhood. “Huntington beach a little bit too far, I want to have full control in factories,” she said.

When Lagudi first started her line, the idea of seamless swimsuit was fashionable, but as time went on, she found that some corpses need more support than seamless pipes. “Seamless skin can be beautiful, but in some areas and body types, it can’t provide some of the functions that women need,” she said.

So she and the two outline will be more built. For the upcoming season, she showed a high leg contour, is popular in the last century in 80s and some high waist pants.

For her triangle coat, she also uses recycled metal hardware.

One of the original goals of Lagudi is to make a burdened swimwear, not to break the bank. So she retold her swimsuit from $27 to $43 per piece, and found that those prices did not include all her expenses. “I found that the lower price points have given us a lot of opportunities, people buy it from us, but we don’t make money,” she said.

Now Lagudi is selling two pieces of silhouette of $100, a single piece of suit from $72 to $100. Everything is directly to the consumer.

She will also print more of this season on her line, and the leopard print for Bengal printing, custom tropical print and deep water duck print and white.

The new price and new design are all part of the learning process of young designers. “I really learned that communication is everything, you have to be very careful,” she said. “There must be a surprise in this process.”


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