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Handbags Suit Able For Girls Over 20 Years Old

An outfit is not complete, especially if you’re going out or to work, without a handbag. Not only because it definitively compliments whatever you’re wearing, but because you need something to store and carry important things like your wallet or your phone, or whatever else we women drop inside our bags.

There are so many different styles and types of bags you can find in the market. Some become trendy again after a few years… some are timeless and you can pass them to your daughter’s granddaughter. Of course, you’re also going to find handbags from all prices in the range. But be sure, as long as you know how to make your handbag compliment your outfit, it won’t matter if you got a less pricey bag.

Like every other accessory, choosing the perfect handbag, will depend on the image you want to give, the outfit you’re wearing and of course, the functionality you want to give it. For example, if you’re going clubbing… a small handbag that fits your phone, ID and some money. If you work at an office a big one with space for your laptop, planner, wallet, makeup will be, of course, the best option here.

High-end handbags will always be, most girls dream, and most will work very hard to get their first ones. They’ll give you a different status and will make you feel like the boss babes that achieves her dreams and gets whatever she wants. But… don’t worry if you can’t afford one… you’ll find a lot of similar options for much less of the price tag around.

If you’re older than 20 years old, you are probably are starting, if you’re not already, to be more conscious about what you wear, how to accessorize it, etc. You’re entering the world of work and you want to give a serious image. And if you’re nearing the age of 30, you’ll worry about portraying an image of accomplishment… and that can translate into the bags you accessorize your outfits.

In the end, any bag you feel comfortable wearing and helps you reach your goals, and gives you functionality will be the best if you’re in that age range. And it will always depend on what you like, what you can afford and once again, what you want to say. The following recommendations will not be from specific brands but will be more focused on the functionality they have. And one or two high-end options might be added into the mix.

If you’re the kind of girl that looks to give and accomplished looks and needs to always carry a lot of stuff with her, a big tote bag will be the best option for you. You have to make sure it can handle at least the weight of your laptop, phone, and planner. If it does, girl, this bag will become your best friend.

If you’re going clubbing or on a dinner date with your friends or significant other, a quilted small bag will be your option. It will just have to fit the most important necessities such as your phone, wallet, and maybe lipstick. Bonus points if it looks great with what you’re wearing.

And finally, if you like functionality and don’t want to be carrying your back on just one arm. A backpack will be your best friend. Giving you space to carry what’s needed, a little bit of extra protection, and more comfort. In this case, a high-end one, with enough space could be appropriate… But any good-looking backpack that looks similar will do the job just fine.

Do you feel these are handbags that are suitable for girls over 20 years old, or they are too serious?


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