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How to Achieve a Flatten Abdomen

Along with staying fit, looking fit is also what people have been chasing for long. If you are looking for the quickest and most effective ways to trim your midsection and get in your best shape, we have the best solutions. Here are some healthy and viable alternatives to waist trainers, to sculpt the abdomen and strengthen your core.

Why Look the Other way

The waist and thigh trainer is a popular choice for its quick and superficial results.  All that squeezing, sweating, and shrinking will make you believe that finally, you have cracked the code to be in your best shape. The results following the use of this are highly enticing as you will find out soon.

Difficulty in breathing, weakening of core muscles, and probability of dizziness are some concerns. But it is true that the loss in weight is intriguing and also it is mostly water weight that you lose.

The belly looks more toned and trimmed once you avoid bloating and the weight balance would support the fact, making you use waist trainers for longer. Waist trainers are made of a thick material like spandex, neoprene, or latex and these restrict your skin to breathe.

NeoSweat® Workout Shorts With Waist Trimmer
NeoSweat® Workout Shorts With Waist Trimmer

It is a modern-day surrogate of corsets, which is a magical quick fix to your abdomen. The impressive Waist trainer before and after results have enticed more and more people into buying it. However, there are alternatives, focusing on long-term fitness, which are provided below.


Keeping long-term goals in mind, a healthy diet, proper rest, and exercises targeting your entire midsection are your best bets. If you have a special occasion coming up, wearing shapewear under your clothes is the shortcut. However, this is just temporary and we should be doing more to offset all the dangers from a constricting piece of garment.

Physical fitness comes with proper exercise and nutrition. Any other way means to dodge the long-term goals and compromise your health. Waist trainers do not train your waist, they simply counterfeit the results from an actual weight loss. So why not actually train your waist with some workouts, targeted at your obliques and core? Some of the most effective exercises include planks with hip dips, side planks with a twist, heel grabbers, V-ups, bicycle crunches, and triangle crunches.

  1. Plank with Hip Dips – Standing on your elbows and toes in a straight line, move your hips side to side to touch the ground. Alternate between sides and try to do fifteen to twenty-five reps.
  • Side planks with a twist – This is another variation of plank, where you stand on one of your elbows and toes, facing sideways. Now try to crunch your side abs by trying to touch your elbow with your knees on one side.
  • Heel grabber- Lie on your back. Keep your knees bent and feet on the floor. Crunch up and try to touch your heels on both sides by swaying to both sides. Make sure to engage your core while doing this.
  • V-Ups – Lie on the ground with your back flat. Crunch up while lifting both of your legs and try to touch your toes. Do not forget to keep your back and legs straight while engaging the core.
  • Bicycle crunch – This is yet another popular move where you try to touch your knees with the elbow, while your legs move like pedaling a cycle and hands behind your neck to support it while you crunch up.

Combine these exercises with your workout plan, to get those defined abs and slim waist. Drink enough water, because cutting down on the water, being afraid of bloating is absolutely unhealthy. Avoid processed sugar while incorporating healthy, organic items into your palate.

 With little steps and discipline, you can definitely achieve your fitness goals. Waist trainers can make your body appear contoured over your dress, but to actually flaunt such a figure, without the extra layer of clothing, these alternatives will help you go a long way.


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