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How to Choose Earrings That Well Match with Your Face Shape

Some earrings look beautiful, but in fact they are not suitable for everyone. Just like hairstyles, earrings have their own more matching objects. How to choose earrings based on facial features? What kind of earrings are more decorative for you?

Relatively speaking, earrings are more refined and earrings are more elegant. If you have a perfect face, wearing earrings everyday can increase your sophistication. If the face shape needs modification, then choosing earrings can play a very obvious modification role.

So, how to choose earrings based on facial features? What kind of earrings are more decorative for you?

Since we want to choose the earrings that best match our face shape, let’s take a look at the classification features of earrings first. According to the earrings on the market, I summarized some earring classification characteristics that can significantly affect the modification effect:

Shape / line

The most intuitive is the shape and line of the earrings. The reason for putting these two points together is that shapes and lines are often inseparable.

Relatively speaking, there is also a kind of earrings with a round shape, mainly round lines and curved strips, which give people a softer feeling. There is also a line without a shape. For example, pure straight lines, pure curved lines. This type of linear earrings with almost no shape has one of the biggest characteristics, which we will discuss in detail below.

Visual center of gravity

The visual center of gravity of different earrings is also different. The elements that can affect the visual center of gravity are: color, shape, and size.

Visual presence

The main elements that can affect visual presence are: size, thickness, and color. The larger, thicker, and more colorful earrings have a stronger presence than the small, thin, and lighter earrings.

How to choose earrings based on facial features?

After understanding the various characteristics of earrings, we can combine our facial features to choose the most suitable style.

Earrings can better modify the shape of the lower half of the face. Here I still tend to classify according to facial features, which is more reasonable and more convenient to choose. The following considerations are like conditions, allowing us to deduce the most suitable style step by step.

  • Round face: round face, oval face

The rounded face has soft lines. When choosing, avoid choosing round earrings. You can consider straight, square, and sharp lines.

  • Tough type: square face, high cheekbones, zygomatic arch expansion

This type of facial features will give people a tougher feeling. The easiest way is to choose earrings with soft lines.


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