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Is this the next big move in the Dorit Kemsley swimwear collection?

fast! Say two things that Dorit Kemsley likes. If you are like us, this is what I think: First, as long as her child is nearby, the real housewife in Beverly Hills will become a human eye emoji. Of course, she is fascinated by fashion. (Look at the video above and see what she tells us about her swimming design.) So if Dolly swimming suits for ladies designer Beverly Beach is about to launch a children’s collection, it will make a lot of sense – but, wait, is it? ?

RHOBH mother recently seems to tease the children’s swimming series in Instagram posts. The snap shows two models of all-black fitness gear and Dorit’s cute son Jagger’s cute floral-patterned swim trunks. Dorit marked the trunk with his own label and wrote “Peeking” in the title, titled: #beverlybeachkids.
This looks like a very important hint that very small and very fashionable things are on the road. We can’t wait to know!
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