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The best summer swimwear is not sold out yet

Take one of the last vacations in the summer, or because these options exceed those you found in Jan!
Finding the perfect swimsuit is nothing better than this. On the eve of a long weekend, this may be your latest opportunity to rest in your favorite new bikini or one-piece water. But if you’ve noticed that stocks fall into the store and think it’s too late to find a suit you’ll like this season, never worry, because there are many options, and many are on sale. Now grab one of these eight players and you will be ready for the long weekend of the future. Reward: If you have plans to spend the cold weather in the new year, you will thank yourself for your current actions and avoid looking for swimwear in vain in the winter.
This bikini has a vintage feel, but the fresh tones make it correct in 2018. You will also get a lot of support from balconette style tops.
This unique suit is not only well suited for high cut trends on Instagram, but is also made in Canada. Also, who wouldn’t want to wear their favorite snack?
Everyone needs a black piece that looks and feels good (a bit like a swimming suits for ladies LBD), and Friday’s left-hand suit is like this. Headquartered in Canada, the company launched a spirit this spring to create a suit that combines form and function.
The red suit sometimes turns to the Baywatch field. But wearing a bikini, especially a bikini with the extra elements of this white piping, no one would mistake you for a local lifeguard. Oversized straw hats and large sunglasses will also help.
You can make a mistake on this emerald green dress because it looks great. The drawstring on this suit allows you to adjust the height or low of the hip line of the suit you want.
Like the nautical look, but don’t like the anchor or the captain’s hat? Choose a suit with a yacht-style red, white and blue stripe and a white midi skirt for the perfect pool to brunch.
Inspired by the work of the painter Sarah Cale, this limited edition handmade bikini from the Canadian company Minnow Bathers is a work of art. If you want this before Friday, please start using it as soon as possible – usually it takes at least three business days for the brand to make one.
The stripes are never out of date, and the soft stripes on this single piece remind us of the old-fashioned beach replacement tents. Pair it with high-rise denim shorts for a chic beach look.
This polka bikini is not only pleasing, but also gives you all the support you need, thanks to the mesh-lined steel bra top. We like the fresh combination of black and blue and white tones.


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