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Jess Wright looks carefree because she was on the beach wearing a black bikini while resting in Dubai

She recently broke her silence with Giovanni Pernice’s explosive lineup, which happened last month at the British Pride Award.

On Sunday, when she and her friend Shani Chaplin bathed in the sun in Dubai, Jess Wright looked carefree.

The former TOWIE star, 33, lives in a five-star hotel in Le Royal Meridien. When she arrives at the beach, she wears a thin black ruffled bikini and proudly shows off her fitness figure.
Jess highlights her surgical enhancements and the abdominal muscles of the washboard in a down bikini top with a bow and grooved cap sleeves on the chest.
A small matching hem accentuates her trimmed waist and soft limb detail.

The real little star covered the sun’s eyes with a pair of golden pilots, wearing her black lock on a neat bun and complementing her bronze tan with a radiant makeup look.
Jess looks like she is spending her life, because she has some winter sun on the beach.

When she and her friends play in the shallow waters of the sea, the fitness masters show off a smirk.

After she talked about why she faced her predecessor, strict dancer Giovanni Pernice, after 28 years old, she appeared carefree.
we agreed! The magazine, the former TOWIE star explained: ‘Since we broke up, we have not seen each other. I didn’t choose to meet him that night.

“I definitely didn’t yell, I was just passionate, just like I always had opinions.”

In the video of the former flame conflict, Jessica saw a scream in a shocking line. Before she was called “full of sound,” she heard: “You hurt me.” The heart, you lied to me.’

Although Giovanni and various other people tried to spread this line, Jess snarled: “I got a taxi, I have never seen you for six months, you are not talking.” You use me… Propaganda, fame. No one likes someone to disappoint them.
“You are everything. We are together for six months, you never care about me. I want to know why – you left me!

Jess and Giovanni first had a romantic relationship in December when they were discovered by spectators on the eagle’s eye. The love birds enjoyed a comfortable drink at Soho House, and they began watching the Dream Girls made by West End.

However, in April, when a source told the Sun, things changed: “He really likes Jess and really wants to solve this problem, but he is struggling with his attention and popularity.”
“They tried to keep things friendly and told people they all agreed to take their own way, but he was the first person to hint at the end of the matter. She was very dissatisfied with it. It was a real shame, but hopefully things will remain civilian.

Although her relationship with Giovanni is not the case, Jessica has been associated with Olly Murs since the split in October.

In the rumor, the reality star tells OK! Magazine: ‘Olly is a cute guy with lots of charm.

“Let’s leave! I am dating but I don’t date Ollie!


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