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Non-profit organization launches ‘United Against Cancer ’19 swimwear calendar’

Non-profit organization launches ‘United Against Cancer ’19 swimwear calendar’
The calendar “will hold annual fundraising events and promotional events at 5 pm on December 1. The Burlingame Masonic Hall is located at 145 Park Road, Burlingame.

The Share + Give Initiative calendar includes survivors of breast and ovarian cancer, models and advocates from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Japan, the United States and the Philippines.

Share + Give Initiative is a non-profit organization founded by fashion designer Gia Galicia-Carrascoso in 2017. He is responsible for making fashion shows and other projects to help organizations raise funds for breast and ovarian cancer patients, foster children and medical mission outreach. .

The featured fashion designers on the calendar are Colleen Quen (survivor of breast cancer), Renee Gee, Haydée Quesedo Castillo, Rolando Carlin and Gia Galicia. swimming suits for ladies models are advocates and cancer survivors themselves.


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