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Lili and lime swim team across the continental divide.

swimwear manufacturer

It’s rarely easy to run a growing swimwear manufacturer, but business partners Ashleigh Hill and Emma Jane Hughes have done it to increase the challenge from both ends of the earth.

Last year launched the female swimsuit label Lilly lime, specific sales scale D-cups large.

After three years of development in Brisbane, Ms. Hughes has moved to Bermuda with her family.

Hill says, “technology enables us to cooperate effectively, not in the same place.”

After getting local traction, building a Instagram more than 18000, Eli Lilly and lime recently launched an American website, what Hill describes as “exciting and nervous.”

Ms. said: “let Elmar close to the United States, can fly to New York to visit our public relations company, which is easier.”

The key to opening the swimwear manufacturer is marketing, of course, and making the product suitable for that market.

“Now, we’re going to focus on Australia, New Zealand and the North America, but we’re going to expand globally.”

They also intend to start actively looking for investors to further expand their business and to date their own business.

Ms. Hill said, “under ideal circumstances, we will like investors who have relevant online and retail experience. Getting money is very important, but through previous guidance, it may be more important.”

“Our swimwear manufacturer business growth has many potential ways, but at the present stage, we think our initial core business proposition is what will enable us to succeed and allow us to see new opportunities.”


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